We’ve all seen holiday horror stories from fictional ones like National Lampoon or real ones like Black Fridays gone bloody.  But did you know that there are many things that can happen to the real life average American that aren’t seen on television?  To give you an idea, we have gathered the 10 most common holiday accidents to help you better avoid them.

  • Fire – It is the season where a roaring fireplace is a must.  However, that fireplace can lead to loads of injuries in damage.  In 2006, holiday fires were thought to have caused nearly one billion dollars in damage.
  • Candles – The most common source of these fires were candles.  While holiday candles are a must, so is putting them out.  It is also important to not put anything flammable near them or set the candle holder anywhere it can be easily knocked over.
  • The trees – Did you know that the elegant Christmas tree is the most likely item to catch fire when it is started?  Fresh trees look and smell beautiful but can literally be a ten foot tinderbox.  Keeping flames, including smokers away from the tree just makes good holiday sense.
  • Falls – They happen to the best of us, especially when the drinks are flowing and the room is full of people.  With thousands of people visiting the ER every year during the holiday season for falls, it makes more sense than ever to watch where you are going, where others are going, and just to take your time getting there.
  • Frying – Americans deep fry everything, and the holidays are just all the more reason to break out the fryer.  This can include everything from potatoes to turkeys.  If firing up your fryer this year, do it outdoors, on concrete, and keep an extinguisher handy if the worst happens.
  • Drunk Driving – With holiday drinks occasionally loaded with liquor, it can be easy to forget that the eggnog isn’t just made from eggs.  Keep your mind on getting home safely, not that holiday drinking.  Designated drivers are also a good idea.
  • Icy roads – You don’t want to be incapacitated by alcohol to suffer this holiday-related hazard.  Freezing rain, snow, and more can make yesterday’s safe road today’s automotive slip and slide.  Proceed with caution, and be extra careful if your car has rear wheel drive.
  • The mall – With the holiday frenzy in full swing, it can also be easy to have an accident at the mall.  Aside from the mobs associated with huge sales, there are other hazards.  Wet floors, broken escalators, and people doing the walk-and-text have led to more mall mishaps.
  • The lights – Have you spent hours untangling holiday lights?  You might just be one of the 12,000 ER visits due to holiday-related cuts, shocks, and more.  Any lights with exposed wires or cut glass should just be chucked as new lights are cheaper than a hospital visit.
  • Shocks – Need an outdoor extension cord but only have an indoor one?  What’s the harm?  With the possibility of both a serious electric shock and burning down your house, there can be considerable harm.  Using the wrong type of cords, bulbs, or products that aren’t waterproof can also cause big holiday damage.

This article was sent to us today, December 24th, by Brooke Stafford, a nursing practitioner student and also a writer for  Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees. The site helps students find the right nurse practitioner degree to fit their needs.

Thank you, Brooke, for this informative article.  The ten safety reminders that you have written about also apply after Christmas, as well, in taking down trees and decorations.  We know the malls will be packed with shoppers either exchanging gifts or looking for more bargains.  So we need to pay attention to the tips you sent us!   Please stay in touch, and good luck in your studies in the health field.