Safety standards cover various kinds and classes of eye and face protection, including glasses with and without side shields, eyecup goggles, goggles, welding helmets, and face shields.  Safety glasses are both non-prescription and prescription, and are common items of personal protective equipment, PPE.  Some look like regular glasses, and are available in sleek frames that offer protection, as well as looking stylish, yet less expensive as those found in optical stores.  Special tasks such as grinding, woodworking, chemical spraying, degreasing and gas cutting and welding require safety goggles.  When choosing goggles, be sure that they seal around the face – there should be no gaps.  Goggles should have an adjustable strap.  Do not pull the strap so tight that the lens distorts your vision or the goggles hurt your face. 

Be sure that the safety eyewear is appropriate for the particular hazards of the job.  For those that work where there is debris flying around in the air, goggles would be the best choice.  Some glasses work well with side shields, which fit the temple of the frames and protect the sides of the eyes.  There are safety glasses that fit over prescription glasses (OTG’s).  A qualified person should assist in the proper fitting of protective eyewear.  Special attention must be paid to the eye, temple areas, and bridge.  If glasses are not secure, they will slip down the nose when the head is tilted downward. 

Women who wear safety goggles and glasses often have more problems with fit and comfort.  Some goggles are “one size fits all”, and may be too big.  This can be a serious health and safety hazard if gaps around the seal to the face allow flying objects and particles, sparks, chemicals, or other substances to enter the eye area.  Fogging of the lenses is common and can lead to accidents; this may be the result of poor ventilation.  Mishaps can occur if the wearer takes his/her goggles off to clear them and is hit by flying debris, or if she/he cannot see well enough to do work properly. 

The company should require that their employees have their eyes checked annually by a doctor to determine if and what kind of prescription eyewear is needed.  For those who work outdoors, safety glasses that furnish UV protection are a must.  These lenses are also helpful in protecting the eyes from bright sand, snow, or the reflections off lakes or rivers.    Texas America Safety Company features small safety glasses that fit women, small men and children.    Companies have long been designing vests, coveralls, harnesses, glasses, hardhats, work boots, and all types of safety gear for smaller men and working gals.  Our military,  as well as women in law enforcement, also want their female personnel dressed in appropriately fitting uniforms.  Some or many types of PPE are needed in most occupations.  Look for the best fit in safety glasses to protect your vision for the job you choose.