By Jack Rubinger,

“Look around almost any stadium in the world and you’ll see enormous ads, pyrotechnics and other impressive visuals that command your attention. But stadiums are really missing an opportunity to make safety more of a concern,” said Chris Haag, a sign and label consultant with Graphic Products, Inc.

“When thousands and thousands of emotional fans get packed together, sometimes things can get a little out of hand,” said Haag. “I’m reminded of the guy who flipped over a railing at a baseball game. In the moment, he became a part of the game and forgot about being safe. So, we’re doing everything in our power to empower stadiums to create their own signs and labels to warn fans about dangerous railings, make exit and entrance signs really stand out, and create safety zones to keep people away from areas under repair,” said Haag.

Graphic Products, Inc. manufactures a family of thermal transfer label printers for a wide range of applications and printing supplies that can withstand the brutal outdoor environments found at outdoor stadiums.

Stadium railing safety labels must be generously proportioned. We recommend using minimal words and strong graphics to complement the message. Also, labels must fit tightly on railings and other surfaces. 

Photoluminescent labels which can be seen in the dark during power outages and wayfinding signs and labels are another great idea for stadiums,” added Haag. “For behind the scenes work at these facilities, pipe marking labels indicating the directional flow of hazardous fluids and gases and signs warning people to keep their distance from electrical cables also provide safety benefits.”

 “Don’t be afraid to be very bold with your signs and labels,” said Haag. “First, study your fan’s behavior and see where and when people may be putting themselves at risk. Then, determine what they need to know about distances and directions. Make sure your message makes sense for the situation. Finally, consider how many labels are needed to drive home the point,” Haag concluded.

 Thanks, Jack, we look forward to more articles from you!  With the start of baseball season coming up, teams are doing all they can to keep their fans safe.  Warning signs are helpful ways to get their attention.   DuraLabel and Graphic Products carry a full family of thermal transfer printers for every application, a five-year warranty on labels made with premium vinyl, free technical support/after-sale service, and satisfied customers throughout the world including P&G,, Georgia-Pacific, Boeing, John Deere, Conoco, Sara Lee, Toyota and General Electric. Many of these same companies also purchase quality safety products from our parent company, Texas America Safety Company,  For more information, visit