Essential Safety Equipment for Motocross 

Needless to say, Motocross is an exciting but very risky sport. As they usually take place in the outdoors, chances of accidents and subsequent injuries are higher. Flying particles like rock, dust, mud and other debris can compromise your vision and cause accidents. Alternatively, it is also possible that your motorbike may face mechanical difficulties during the race. To keep possible injuries to a minimum, it is important to invest heavily in safety.  

Most common Motocross injuries 

Being an extreme sport, injuries are very common in Motocross races. A medical research shows that at least 95% of Motocross racers sustain injuries after a race. These researchersafety s also pointed out that engaging in Motocross causes extreme stress to all parts of the body with most injuries commonly occurring during falls or crashes. Owing to the high speed and the force of crashes, injuries in Motocross events can be serious, including fatal spinal cord injuries. 

These injuries occur at bends of the track and during landing, making protective gear even more important. Some of the most common injuries include broken wrists, collar bones, ankles, joint sprains and the rupturing of the knee joint. Most physiotherapists recommend the use of knee braces, shoulder supports, wrist supports, ankle braces and wrist casts for motocross injuries. For muscle strains caused by the sport, you should opt for regular ice packs and cold therapy. Keeping a first aid kit handy is also a good option. 

Safety gear for Motocross events 

Considering the past record of Motocross events, injuries are a part and parcel of the game. However, there are many steps you can take to keep your injuries to a minimum. Every rider taking part in Motocross is required to have safety gear without which they are not allowed to participate. 

Motocross helmets are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the safety gear as they are responsible for safeguarding your head and neck. You should also invest in high quality goggles made from tough and scratch resistant polycarbonate. This ensures that the goggles do not crack on impact and continue to shield your eyes. You should also invest in strong boots to protect your ankle, shin and foot from the stress of riding. Invest in quality gloves to protect your hands from impact. Boots and gloves also help you maintain a grip on your bike without being bound to it. 

Motocross clothing generally includes protective jackets, shirts and pants. It is important to protect your legs from injuries. To avoid small rocks and other particles hitting your legs and affecting your race, you should opt for padded motocross pants with additional internal lining for cushion. Riders also opt for Motocross jackets with chest guards as it is the largest area of impact during a crash. The chest is also most often exposed to strain from handle bars and protecting it with a multilayered shirt or jacket is a wise idea. 

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