Why You Need a Security Door

Remember the days you could leave your doors unlocked when you went to bed at night and not think twice? Unfortunately those days are long gone. More and more families are investing in alarm systems and security doors in order to protect their home, their family, and their possessions from forced entries and burglaries. Many burglars prefer to use the front door when executing a robbery, so it is important to add any elements of protection you can.  Installing a security door is an excellent way to ramp up your protection while avoiding the long-term monthly fees of an alarm system. Though it may seem simple, a heavy duty security door may be enough to cause prospective robbers to pass on your home in search of an easier target. Security doors are an excellent, low cost preventative measure that provides a great deal of benefits to your home.

Types of Doors

Doors come in a variety of different styles, with options for every budget. Steel doors can be purchased with single or double panes. You can choose to have a single lock or multiple locks. The thickness of the door varies as well, the highest typically being 50mm. Anywhere from four to eight hinges support the door itself, which come in a wide variety of colors and styles.


  • Nearly Impossible to Break into

The obvious benefit of security doors is the protection it provides. A robber would have to use a sophisticated machine of some sort to open the locks on a steel door. In fact, most doors are actually drill-proof, and special devices are required to open them. Fortunately most burglars are not going to want to draw attention to themselves by attempting to open your steel door.

  • Fireproof

The material used on most security doors makes them resistant to fire. Many security doors are made from galvanized iron or galvanized steel. If galvanized metal burns at all, it will burn very slowly. For this reason, people sometimes place steel doors inside the house to prevent fire from spreading quickly.

  • Energy Efficient

A main benefit of security doors that people often overlook is their ability to reduce your energy bills. During hot months, security doors can be bolted while the main door is left open, allowing a cool breeze to circulate through the house. In winter, the extra layer of steel helps insulate the doorway from chilly wind.

  • Allows Increased Light

Closing the security door but leaving the main door open allows more light to enter the home. This can brighten up the appearance of a space, make it look larger, as well as improve the temperament of those in the home.

  • Tough and Long Lasting

Steel doors are extremely durable, and are not prone to cracks or other imperfections that result from misuse, pressure, or harsh weather conditions.

  • Visually Appealing

Despite the common opinion, security doors actually add to the curb appeal of your home. They  are now manufactured in a vast array of designs and colors to complement any home décor. They provide a polished look to the exterior of your home, while simultaneously increasing your property’s value.

  • Ease of Access

The bottom part of the door frame is welded low so wheelchairs and other wheeled devices can pass through the doorway easily. You also don’t have to worry about young children or pets injuring themselves on the door because they are welded low.

Security doors are an excellent investment. They deter potential intruders, improve the appearance of your home, and are virtually indestructible.  Even those who already have a home security  system will benefit from the many attributes a steel door provides to your property.




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