***Keeping Yourself Healthy In An Unhealthy Modern Environment***

 Unhealthy environments exist all around us, whether they are rooted by our inactivity in offices while sitting at desks all day, or if they stem from psychologically damaging exposure to unpleasant scenarios. Keeping yourself healthy in an unhealthy modern environment can make all of the difference in your appearance, health and wealth, and here is how.

Physical Health
Although it would be ideal to hit the gym every day, while consuming perfectly portioned and healthy meals at every turn, it certainly is not practical. So what do you do when you cannot break away for a workout, or consume meals on the fly with the maximum health benefits? You make it up as the day goes along.

Workout at the Office
If an afternoon at the gym is out of the question, evaluate the environment around you to develop alternate physical activity.
• Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator
• Walk to Lunch Spots & To Complete Errands
• Park Farther Away from Your Office
• Exit Public Transportation a Stop or Two Earlier than Usual
• Walk or Run Around the Building During Your Lunch Hour
• Stand While You Work
Eating Habits
Just because you are working sixty hours a week does not mean you should depend on fast food to deliver your meals, or vending machines to satiate a 2pm snacking crave. Both alternatives can lead to the ingestion of excess fat, calories, sodium and preservatives which are just as terrible for the waistline as they are your skin, hair and overall health.
• Plan Ahead and Prepare Healthy Lunches to Keep at the Office
• Turn to Healthy Snacking Options by Keeping Them Readily Available
• Drink Lots of Water Throughout the Day
• Order Healthy Options at Restaurants: Salads, Fruits, Nuts & Yogurts
• Do Not Skip Meals

Mental Health
Stress and anxiety are not only harmful to your overall physical health, but they can compromise your mental health and ability to make sound decisions throughout the day. Stress can lead to hasty decisions, oversights and lack of logic in an effort to produce results. There are a number of ways to improve your mental health throughout the day, just by making time to do so.
• Pause & Take Deep Breaths When You Feel Overwhelmed
• Take a Walk When You Are Out of Sorts to Collect Yourself
• Exterminate Toxic Relationships with Negative Friends or Family Members
• Remove Yourself from Stressful Situations as Quickly as Possible
• Remember What Makes You Happy and Think of Those Things Often

Modern Interruptions & Solutions
If the world was not complicated enough, dealing with family, friends and coworkers on a daily basis, now you are consumed by social media outlets that can enlighten you to everything everyone else in the world is doing too. Constant exposure to other people’s stress, negative behavior and varying personalities can invite stress and anxiety into anyone’s life. There are a number of steps you can take to remove yourself from unhealthy environments, even when they are occurring online.
• Avoid Upsetting News Stories and Media Outlets
• Turn Your Phone Off at Night to Sleep More Soundly
• Allow a Specific Amount of Time to Be Spent on Social Media
• Enjoy Friends & Family in Person, Whenever Possible
• Leave Your Phone at Home or in the Car During Social Visits
• Do Not Get Involved with Conversations or Arguments that Do Not Concern You

Focus your physical and mental well-being around positive scenarios, eliminating negative people, practices and situations from your life as much as possible. This application is different for everyone, so it is important to evaluate all aspects of your life to recognize either the people or the events that are causing you to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle, physically or mentally. If you are unhappy or unwell there is certainly a root to its cause. Identify it and obliterate it.

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Thanks to Glen Greenbaum, for this good advice on how we can be healthier if we just listen to these suggestions! pb