While other people are mastering in looking for the most fashionable trends in window installation, others are alarmed of the news of how great the number of people, mostly children, who fall out of their windows. According to a research, roughly about 5,000 children nearly every year in the United States experience this unfortunate incident, and that which 28 percent of that number, required a hospital stay, and another who approximately died. Yes, this is a heartbreaking event, but also a thriving consequence for people who yearned for fashion, rather than safety. There’s always been a dichotomy to this matter: Safety vs. Fashion – which one would you choose? 

Designs for windows often turn into a challenge or major investments. Let’s face it! If you continue to accent windows in favor of a complex idea, you’ll never get an assurance of your child or any member of your family’s safety. It is time to hold a little back in fashion, and muse more on the preventive precautions you can associate with your windows. In that way, you’ll meet both in half- ways. 

Here are some tips you could do to secure safety in your home:

1.       Remember that an open window is always an invitation to a child. You should check if all windows have safety devices installed in them and that they are in good working order. These devices come with new windows, but you may purchase the devices alone. These could be wireless window transmitters that send coded commands to the window mechanism for open and close activity or a barrier bar alarm switch which is a deterrent made for basement windows, apertures, chimneys, and all other openings where your child can reach, and potentially fall.

2.       Educate your children on the risks provided when leaning against window screens. Screens are designed for the exchange of air and to keep insects out, not children.

3.       You may put up window guards. These are screwed into the sides of your window frames and have bars to support them. They are sold in different sizes for various size windows and may adjust for width.

4.       Strategic landscaping may reduce the degree of injury acquired in the event of a fall. Shrubs can help cushion potential falls, thus, cutting down accidents.

5.       Finally, while you’re childproofing your windows, take a moment to secure the curtain pulls or blind cords that are out of reach. They may play with it, and in an event, may strangle themselves. 

These are just some of the many helpful means of keeping your home safe by modifying your windows function and design, and being a little more careful. Remember to take no chances with windows safety. Home security is a must. 

Author Bio: John Anderson, a Southeastern American, graduated from Tennessee State University. He specializes in home improvement and is now, the online content coordinator for You may follow him in Twitter @ JohnAnderson090.