America faced disbelief and heartbreak as they learned of the killing spree in the Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater that left 12 dead and 58 wounded. Out of the tragedy, heroes emerged from the scene that night when 4 of the 12 dead sacrificed their life to save another.  Other stories of bravery have covered the headlines and an outpouring of support has flowed from communities across the nation that somewhat imitate the historical and unexpected event of 9/11. 

 The horrendous event of 9/11 left a cloud of fear encompassing America as high alert terrorist’s warnings became everyday news. Sporting events no longer teamed with fans.  Busy malls and other public facilities where people gathered were quiet, while airline travel came to a standstill.  Government officials reacted by taking immediate action to protect the country from another incident.  

Since then, the government, corporations, small businesses and homeowners have found solace by incorporating Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) as part of their security plan.  CCTV cameras have been proven to deter crime. They can be seen inside and out of public buildings; they line the streets, and act as watchdogs in homes across the country.  If a crime does occur it can be captured in high resolution, in color, up close and even in the dark. 

The Aurora Theater, owned by Century 16 theaters, is quickly reassessing their security needs, including the installation of security cameras to prevent or identify a similar reoccurrence, as are other theaters across the country.  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security stated that they are working with the National Association of Theater Owners to ensure a security checklist is being followed at theaters. Despite whether or not this event could have been prevented by security cameras, metal detectors and armed personnel, surveillance cameras continues to be more of a need than ever before.  

There are numerous CCTV cameras solutions available to help protect businesses and high-traffic, public areas.  The Dome Camera and PTZ camera below are ideal examples.  

Dome Cameras, best for covering large fixed areas are most often mounted to a ceiling and found indoors; however, outdoor dome cameras are designed for protection from the elements are also available. The camera is housed in a tinted dome, preventing a criminal from knowing which way the camera is pointing.  The dome also consists of vandal resistance hard acrylic to prevent the camera from being disabled.

The Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera (PTZ) camera is effective in panning, tilting or zooming in on a suspicious activity for a closer look.  This type of camera usually mounts from the ceiling or wall from a pendant allowing for 360 degree continuous rotation.  PTZ cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor models. By using a joystick the user has the ability to quickly pan an area, as well as tilt the camera and zoom into a specific area for closer observation. 

The Security Product Depot is deeply saddened by the events that took place in Aurora, Colorado and extend their sympathies to all involved. 

The Security Product Depot is an established online provider of physical security products. As an innovative supplier of online security solutions, they are committed to offering the broadest array of CCTV camera systems, door hardware, locks, and safes for securing government, school facilities, commercial businesses and residents.  

Written by Mike Hassebrock from The Security Product Depot

Isn’t it a sad statement that our children aren’t able to attend school, or citizens go to a movie without the threat of some tragic event such as this?  Having grown up in an “age of innocence”, it truly shows how the world has changed.   Texas America Safety Company and Blog4Safety join The Security Product Depot in extending our sympathies to those whose lives were drastically changed that day. pb