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There’s nothing that can really compare to the exhilarating feeling cruising the roads and streets on your bike.  The cool refreshing wind is blowing on your face.  You’re working on the pedals and with every motion; you get closer to your destination and healthier body.  Cycling in the daytime and in the evening provides distinct experiences.  Mostly with night cycling, there’s an added element of risk.  This is mainly why you need to have essential tools on your bike like bike lights to lower the risk of getting into an accident.

Bike Lights:  What These Mean for You

Bike lights or mountain bike lights can make a huge difference with your experience for night cycling.  It can keep you away from danger and it lessens the risk of you getting into any kind of accident while you’re riding around at night.  In a word, bike lights translate to safety.

How Bike Lights Protect Your Safety from mountain bike lights is a general idea.  You might be thinking about how these can really work to protect you.  Whether you’re using the 900 lumen bike light headlamp set or the Cree 1400 lumen bike light, these tools will give you the light you need so you can see more clearly in the dark – and also it makes you visible to other motorists.

It isn’t hard to imagine how you can get into accidents when it’s pitch black while you’re riding your bike.  There might be a hole on a paved road that can trip you over if you can’t see it.  You would never know how close you are biking on the edge of a ditch if there’s nothing but darkness around you.  What if just as you were riding under a street lamp, it goes out?  When you have bike lights on the handlebars of your bike and a light that’s affixed to your helmet, you can see where you’re going, avoid potholes and stay right on track with safety.

Visibility in cycling is always equated with the bike reflectors.  As useful as these are, they can sometimes fail as it doesn’t reflect light back so that other motorists in the road can see you.  Perhaps if you had your bike covered with reflectors, it might do you some good.  But clearly, you would still need the help of tools like mountain bike lights.  Attached at the back of your bike, and on the sides, you’ll less likely get into a collision with cars and even pedestrians.

If you like cycling, you have to think seriously about getting your bike equipped with safety features.  Whether you’re riding in the daytime or in the nighttime, it’s always better to be on the safe side – and always away from harm’s way.
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P.S.  It’s always a good idea to wear a hi-vis safety vest that shows up well during both day and night.  pb