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With many health and safety laws now in place, it is essential that employees are safe and protected while it is also important that you protect yourself as a business owner. When you are working with electricals it’s extremely important that you are aware of safety in the workplace. All business owners should be aware of steps that can be taken to ensure electrical safety and all employees should follow these steps to keep themselves safe. 

When you are a business owner it’s important that you are responsible for ensuring that everyone works safely at all times. As electrical appliances and machinery can be potentially dangerous you need to ensure that your equipment is safe so that accidents don’t happen. If you are fully prepared for when it comes to electrical safety, it is unlikely that these accidents will occur. Before assigning staff to equipment you must make sure your employees are fully trained in using the equipment as you could be facing a legal battle if they use the machinery incorrectly. 

As an employer, you should make sure that all of your electrical equipment is tested regularly to ensure that it is safe for use. PAT testing will find out if there are any damages or defects that could make your equipment unsafe when used. For this you can either hire a PAT tester or complete an inspection yourself if you are fully qualified.

Employees also need to be trained properly in order to avoid accidents and other steps need to be taken to ensure that everyone in the workplace is safe.

Here are a few places where electrical safety should be monitored:


Depending on the type of factory, both employers and employees need to check all the electrical appliances being used to make sure they are safe and comply with electrical safety guidelines.  Unsafe factory equipment can cause huge problems if it is not monitored effectively as it is crucial when protecting employees.


As computers are used via the main electrical ports, you need to check that your computers are checked for safety as they can pose a threat if they are not maintained properly.  Computers should also be PAT tested to ensure that they are safe to use.

Till Points

As a till is used in the same way as a computer, it is important that you take the same precautions. In the same way that computers are tested, a till should be tested to ensure that there are no damages or defects that could pose a hazard when they are used.

Kitchen Equipment

Whether you are an employee or an employer, you need to make sure the kitchen equipment the staff use is in good working order and works effectively. Microwaves, ovens and other appliances should be regularly inspected to ensure against damage or defects. Accidents are fairly common in commercial kitchens; therefore ensuring your electrical appliances are in good working order will help to reduce the amount of accidents in the workplace. 

Keeping your workplace safe doesn’t take long and will help your staff to feel safe and protected. If you are a business owner, it is your legal responsibility to provide your employees with a safe working environment; therefore you should do everything in your power to make this happen. 

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