Sent to us from Alan Murfee, of the United Kingdom.
Welding, a high-risk occupation is a skilled occupation that requires proper care and attention. Due to absence of proper preventive measures, the likelihood of welding accidents and illnesses is on an all-time rise. It is hence, extremely important to pay proper attention to your safety. Make sure you do not neglect safety norms and follow the right practices.

Read along to know how to maintain a safe and productive environment, thereby reducing chances of welding accidents and illnesses.

Enhance your knowledge

Most welders skip their welding safety education, and remain ignorant about various welding safety measures. Before you take to the welding profession, enroll in a good trade school that offers welding specialization programs. This shall not only promote safety, but also help catapult your career. If you’re hiring welders, make sure you hire them only after they’ve attended welding safety classes and have proper knowledge about welding safety.

Welding equipment

In case of such a high-risk profession such as welding, possessing the right tools is not only important for professional competence, but also for your own comfort and safety. You must ascertain that your tools have been inspected for defects and are in good condition. Faulty tools shall not only be inconvenient for you, but can also be dangerous. Having some knowledge about repairing and administering these equipment for leaks and defects can always help you to a great extent.

Welding safety accessories

Construction safety gear is a prerequisite to avert most industrial accidents. You must ensure that you wear your safety accessories before welding. Essential safety equipment like welding helmets, gloves and boots can prevent major accidents. There is always a risk of getting injuries due to weld splatters. Welding also involves dealing with intense heat and high radiations, so make sure you wear your safety goggles. Wearing protective helmets can also help reduce possibilities of accidents caused by hazardous smoke, fire flash, unexpected explosion, etc. Your gloves will also protect you from getting burn injuries.

Appropriate Clothing

Welding processes generate intense heat and hot sparkles. It is hence, imperative for you to dress suitably. It is advisable to wear solid, weighty fabrics such as heavy fibers or denim that are not easily inflammable. Make sure you wear clothes that cover your entire body and leave no part exposed.

Avoid wearing open-toed shoes or canvas boots. Wearing safety boots with steel toe-caps are greatly recommended. Wearing appropriate clothing and being well-equipped with essential construction safety products can go a long way in protecting you, and preventing welding accidents.

Taking Preventive measures

An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. It is hence, imperative for you to take the required preventive measures before welding. In a trade dealing with molten metal, circumspection and vigilance is required at every step.

The welding process must always be carried out in well-ventilated areas that are specially designated for welding. Keeping the area clean is important, and make sure no flammable objects lie in close proximity with this area. It always helps to keep a first-aid kit close to you when welding.

Meticulous planning, proper knowledge and the right equipment can reduce likelihood of these welding accidents to a great extent. In case however, there are accidents caused by negligence, make a claim for compensation for the welding accident. 

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