Written by Georgina Clatworthy

 Workers  are not the only ones negatively affected by injuries in the workplace. The owner of a business can also face serious repercussions when one of their employees is injured, especially if it was due to some form of company negligence. It is important for business owners to know the possible repercussions they can face so they can try their best to avoid them.

Financial Problems due to Workplace Injuries

Several financial pitfalls occur when an employee is injured on the job. All of these financial issues will negatively affect the company as a whole and have a detrimental effect on the company’s bottom line. As our New York personal injury lawyer points out, the most obvious issue that arises after a workplace injury relates to worker’s compensation insurance. Just like any other type of insurance, these rates can rise due to repeat accidents. This type of insurance is essential in all types of companies, so having an increase in the recurring payments can be disastrous to a business.

Productivity Issues Arising from Workplace Injuries

Another factor that can be negatively affected by an employee’s injury is overall productivity within the business. Workers who are injured severely will not be able to show up for their prescheduled shifts. This means that the work that is usually performed by that employee will not get done unless another worker is called in to handle the situation. This is often difficult on the injured party’s co-workers due to the fact that their plans were likely constructed around their work schedule, and this schedule can drastically change when a fellow employee is temporarily removed from the picture.

The biggest hit to productivity usually comes when an injury occurs to an employee who has a specialized skill within the company. If no one else is trained to handle their job, it will likely not get done until a new worker is trained for the position. Unfortunately, paying employees for training often causes a net loss since workers do not get as much done during their training period. This makes it pertinent for employers to ensure that they have more than just one worker who can handle particular projects.

Legal Implications of Workplace Injuries

Maybe one of the most disastrous effects of a workplace injury is the legal implications that the company can face. A company can, for instance, be seriously damaged if they do not carry worker’s compensation insurance. This is a completely negligent act that will result in serious consequences that could include high end settlements to compensate the injured employee. Worker’s compensation insurance also doesn’t cover all injuries. Independent contractors, for instance, are often not covered by these policies. This is why it’s so important to take proper precautions to prevent workplace injuries.

Most of the negative consequences associated with an employee’s workplace injury can be avoided if the employer demands adequate safety and health measures on their job sites. The majority of injuries will not result in a company losing enough money to go out of business, but this is a very real possibility if an employer is negligent and doesn’t have proper insurance coverage. A little preparedness can go a long way in avoiding workplace injury repercussions.

This article was written by Georgina Clatworthy, a law writer and legal blog editor. She contributes this article for New York personal injury lawyer, The Perecman Firm.  The firm has helped many clients deal with the after effects of workplace injuries and ensured they received the compensation they deserved.

Note: Companies are required by OSHA to provide OSHA protective equipment to ensure their workers’ safety on the job.  Whether it’s safety glasses, gloves, protective clothing, hardhats, or any other type of protection, the company must provide such, and train their employees to wear it at all times while on the job.  It is their responsibility to take care of their equipment and ask for replacements when it becomes worn or damaged. Pat



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