Is Your Business Security System as Strong as it Should Be? (GUEST POST)

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There have been many technological advances in business security that can help keep your business safe, but many business owners don’t know how to go about finding the right system for them. The amount of components and learning to operate them can feel overwhelming, but it is important for owners and managers to know that they’ve covered all their bases when it comes to security and theft prevention. Is your security system as modern and as complete as you need it to be? The protection one security system should provide includes door and window contacts, a keypad, a glass beak detector, and possibly video surveillance components. It all depends on the size of your premises and how serious you are about keeping it secure.

1. Do You Have a Duress Code?

The basic keypad will include a four-digit code to disarm the system, but you should also have a duress code – a separate four-digit code that alerts the police or dispatchers that you are being forced to disarm the system against your will. Usually the duress code will be one number higher than your normal disarm code so that it’s easy to remember.

2. Do You Have Cellular Backup?

With the increasing number of people eliminating land line phones, security systems have been implementing connections to the cellular network. This is also good to have if the land lines to your business are cut – your system can still alert authorities through cellular backup. It seems like an obvious step, but it’s important to check that your system covers it.

3. Is Your Video Surveillance Up to Date?

Video surveillance has entered the digital age, and you want to make sure that yours is recording in case you need to provide the authorities with footage. You might also want to invest in a combination of hidden and visible cameras, depending on your need to monitor certain areas. Dome and mounted cameras might also work for entrances and parking areas.

4. Are All Your Sensors in Place?

A good plan for security is to have every door and window covered with a contact sensor, to detect if they are opened. You need a glass break sensor, a motion sensor, and also sensors that detect heat and smoke in event of a fire. You may want to add a flood sensor or a temperature gauge – environmental issues can be just as detrimental to your business as theft and other crime.

5. Is Your Monitoring Station Easily Accessible?

A good security system company will have an easily accessible station for emergencies, open 24 hours. Not only should they have cellular and land line options as well, some security systems have a two-way intercom system that eliminates the need for any phone calls.

6. Have You Considered GPS?

If your business involves expensive equipment or company vehicles, you can keep them secure with GPS tracking devices. This can not only help you recover what was stolen, it can help lead authorities to the criminals they’re looking for.

7. Do You have Sirens?

Many business owners might prefer a silent system, but sometimes lights and sirens can serve one simple and basic purpose – they scare an intruder off of your property. It might surprise you how effective some good old-fashioned noise can be when it comes to good alarms.

A strong security system will allow you freedom of customization, so you can choose the features that are right for your type of building and business. It’s smart to do a risk assessment before you decide on a security system so you know which kinds of theft you might be most vulnerable to. Typically, your security system should have an easily-operated control panel and security at all entrances. It should be up to you who you want to be allowed to enter your building and when, and what kind of credentials employees should carry. It can all seem overwhelming, but protecting your business is nothing to be taken lightly – there are a number of crimes and other emergencies that can end up costing you big if you’re not willing to take the time and effort to invest in a system strong enough to guard you.

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