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In extremely cold weather conditions, heating the house becomes a must. It is essential for survival and creates a warm comfortable environment for us to live in. But over-heating a house can cause a lot of problems in many aspects,  including financial, health and environmental problems.

Health Problems

The surrounding environment has a direct impact on a person’s health. An over-heated environment is not only detrimental to the health of children but is also very harmful for adults. Too much heat in the house can lead to hyperventilation or over-breathing. Children are very sensitive to changes in temperature. They can suffer from mouth breathing problems in over-heated surroundings. Such environments can also lead to an advancement in chronic diseases and lead to poor health in children.

Heating a house excessively will remove the moisture in the air, which assists in breathing. Breathing in dry air can prove to be hazardous to health as it can lead to many respiratory ailments such as sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, nosebleeds and dehydration. Also, moisture evaporates from the skin, which can cause itchiness in the eyes and skin irritations. Low air moisture can also cause static electricity and can result in mild shock when you come in contact with metal.

Financial Problems

Energy resources are depleting at a fast pace and their prices are constantly on the rise.  Using the heater excessively in your house can result in exorbitant energy bills. You should, therefore, use your heaters moderately so as not to waste energy resources as well as keep you energy bills low. Also, using heaters a lot can cause them to heat up and break down. The cost of getting the heater repaired is very high and may force you to exceed your monthly budget.

Environment Problems

The environment  also bears the brunt of heaters that run in houses. Firstly, it creates unnecessary noise pollution. Moreover, heaters also cause air pollution by giving off hazardous gases and fumes.

Many heaters just give off hot air into the room but fail to evenly distribute it in the surroundings. Such uneven distribution of heat can cause one area of the room to become extremely hot. The other equipments in the house can also malfunction due to over-heating. Too much heat can cause the mechanism of other equipment in the room to breakdown.

Therefore, it is preferable to turn your thermostat down to a level which provides sufficient heat. Keep your house insulated so that there is less heat loss when you shut the heater and the heat lasts longer in your home. Furthermore, getting an automatic heater is a good choice as it shuts itself off when the room is sufficiently heated and turns itself back on when the temperature drops a little. 

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