Look no further, friends, for quality safety products than Texas America Safety Company.

No more shopping in malls, crowded stores, or searching the “net”, when you can catch some useful things that your friends or family will enjoy having.  Giving the gift of safety means you really care. 

For the hard-working lady, we have all kinds of pink protective gear, ranging from pink hardhats to pink headsets.  Who says Mechanix is just for men?  Our pink Mechanix gloves are perfect fits for your favorite girl, to protect those delicate hands!  There are also some pink safety glasses that would complete the look. 

If you know someone who has hobbies, such as woodworking, or yardwork, goggles are a must!  T.A.S.C.O. has all types of goggles that will keep the eyes safe from flying particles, or sawdust.  Goggles are also needed for those who need exceptional eye protection at work. 

For your friends who like to ride bicycles or motorcycles, goggles also come in handy, as well as high visibility vests or high visibility decals that warn motorists to move aside and let them by! 

Anyone who works in manufacturing, construction, or other heavy duty-type work needs a good hardhat.  Ranging from team hardhats, (NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR) to patriotic hardhats, or Western-style hardhats, and, if the company allows them to have their own personal hardhat, this is an excellent way to ensure compliance.  It’s fun to show your personality and team spirit with the just-right selection, at a very sensible price. 

Another great gift is a set of brim LED lights that clip onto a hardhat or baseball cap.  This would be an excellent way to be seen while riding after sunset.  For do-it-yourself tree trimmers, a chainsaw safety kit would be an excellent gift, offering a safe cutting.  (Always keep a first aid kit on standby, just in case!)

You may want to check out our huge selection of safety glasses.  Many styles don’t have the old “safety glass” look – they are stylish , and best of all,  priced lower than most sunglass stores.  The good thing about it is, they not only look cool, but also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

A nice pair of leather gloves would be a welcome gift.  We have all types to choose from.

What person couldn’t use a Personal First Aid pouch to keep in their car?  Flashlights are also a must-have for your car.  There are so many things to select that we invite you to check out our website, www.tasco-safety.com.   We have linked some of our suggestions to make your shopping easier.   Place your order early for a timely arrival. 

Last but not least, if you call Texas America Safety Company (1-800-646-5346)  to place an order between now and Christmas, you will receive “Free Shipping”!  Just be sure to mention this to our customer service personnel, so you can get that savings. 

Have a safe and very happy holiday season.


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