By Brandon Allred

While people may feel that they are safe at work if nowhere else, this is a common misconception that can lead to unfortunate incidences. No matter where you are – work, home, shopping- you can fall victim to crime. Understanding this can help protect you, and learning about some simple things that you can do to keep yourself safe at work can make all the difference in the world.

Tip 1:

When at work you should keep your purse and keys locked up in a locker or drawer no matter how safe you feel your personal items are. Anything can happen to them even when it comes to people that you think that you can trust.

Tip 2:

If any strangers show up at your office you should ask for photo identification to ensure that they are who they say they are. On the same note, if someone whom you do not know makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, trust your gut and call for security.

Tip 3:

If you notice any broken or flickering lights, corridors that are not well lit, broken windows or doors, or doors or windows that will not properly lock or close, report them to the right person immediately,  as they may be warning signs of something unpleasant to come.

Tip 4:

Keep an emergency kit on hand at all times. In it you should include water, food that is nonperishable, and a flashlight. This is for in case the lights go out because of a storm or because someone has messed around with the wires.

Tip 5:

When someone makes a delivery or pickup at your company, follow the same procedure for tip number two. Always ask for identification before you allow them in the building. Without proper ID you should not allow them to enter the premises.

Tip 6:

If you are the owner or the business, or in a position to make important decisions, take a good look at your office layout to assess any sort of potential security breach risks. Also do through background checks on all employees including criminal background checks.

Tip 7:

Assess  the probabilities of being a victim of fraud, burglary and embezzlement and have basic principles of prevention put in place in case any of these issues arise. This is something that  every business is vulnerable to and taking the proper steps is  important for prevention and recovery.

Tip 8:

If you know about any violence in the workplace, or witness any violence (or even know about the potential for violence), make a report to the appropriate authority right away to prevent an unfortunate event.  The same goes for sexual harassment or harassment of any type. These are serious matters.

Tip 9:

Keep your entire inventory up to date. You should do both regularly scheduled checks and random checks. Also write down equipment and product ID numbers and keep them at the office and at home or a bank safety deposit box so you have backups.

Tip 10:

If you are working alone after hours make sure that all doors and windows are locked up before the last person leaves.

Tip 11:

Have an emergency plan in place and make sure that your employees know what the plan is and understand how to follow it.

Tip 12:

If you work at home all of the above still applies. Keep yourself safe no matter what your working environment may be.  Keep everything locked up and have some sort of alarm system in place in case of emergency.

Staying safe at work is something that everyone should know how to do. Being privy to the proper information can make life much less stressful and much safer overall.

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