By Agnes Embile Jiminez

Proper food storage is a mirage to many a people in the kitchen, whether in eateries or domestic kitchens. The quality of food is commensurate to its means of storage, making food storage techniques a must-have for all. Proper storage of food can only be undertaken by having the appropriate storage equipment, and also by correctly handling food within it. The toxicity of food emanates from its storage material and handling of the material; making food storage and handling a very important element of culinary undertaking. 

Plastic containers form a great bulk of the food storage and package materials in our eateries and home kitchens. Unbeknown to many, plastic can be a hazardous storage material when it comes to food storage. This is because plastic is made up of harmful chemical compounds which may poison food stored in it, if that food is heated within the plastic-based storage material. Plastic containers have toxic compounds such as PVC, phthalates and Biphenyl-A, and as such are unsafe when used for culinary purposes, irrespective of the prevailing thermal or chemical dynamics. The latter chemical is used in the manufacture of synthetic estrogen, and can therefore lead to hormonal imbalance if ingested. The use of microwave to warm food causes the emission of these harmful compounds and that would compromise the health of individuals who consume such foods. The safest way to warm food is by doing it in a non-plastic material, if it is not to be done using a microwave (to avoid the dangers of electrocution), or using a metal-based equipment if it is on a cooker. 

Unsafe dish-washing habits can also lead to the transfer of plastic-based toxic substances into food. High heating of plastics as a measure of removing grime or heavy coat of oil should not be done to plastic-based food storage equipment because a lot of toxic substances are released, and which could come into contact with the food which would be stored in those containers. An alternative measure is to wash the dish in lukewarm water. 

The best way to avoid the toxicity of plastic compounds is by having an overhaul of the plastic storage containers, and introducing glassware into the kitchen. It goes without saying that the plastic equipment is not only harmful to our health, but also to the entire environment and so you should be in the know on how to store your food properly. For more information about how to store your food properly, check like for food insurance on Facebook.