By Jakob Barry

It’s the holiday shopping season which means just about everyone will be heading to a mall at some point over the coming weeks. Even if you never go to one the entire year chances are you’ll be entering a store somewhere with the intention of purchasing a gift for a loved one or friend.

At the same time it’s important to keep in mind holiday shopping can be stressful, especially when you can’t find what you’re looking for and are running out of time. Even if you aren’t the one feeling the pressure others around you are which makes the perfect ingredients for unfortunate accidents and misunderstandings.

For a safer journey this shopping season keep the following tips in mind.

1. Make a list
It’s a safe bet making a list can prevent unnecessary rushing around and the potential for accidents. Why? One of the most frustrating things is when there’s a lot to do, a number of errands to run, things to pick up and just when we think it’s all under control we realize we forgot to get something at a previous location.

Then, with so much going on in our lives and all kinds of timetables and schedules to keep staying focused is a challenge and frustration sets in. With millions of other shoppers out doing the same thing a list can come in handy and keep us safer than we realize.

2. Drive safely
Even if a list was made be reasonable with your time and don’t rush, especially with driving. Plan shopping with enough time to compensate for long lines and lots of traffic, as there are a lot of other people on the road who also have goals they are trying to meet and may get an itch to speed.

Keep an eye on the road and on everyone around you as driving this time of year may just be a real obstacle course.

3. Watch the weather
Driving carefully is one thing but when the weather gets bad extra precautions are needed. Check the forecast before going out and if things get messy make sure to keep distance between other vehicles.  Also, dress accordingly. This means if bitter cold air moves in don’t rely on heat from your car or inside the mall. Bring what’s necessary to be self sufficient so you stay healthy throughout the holiday season.

4. Stay hydrated:
Believe it or not, shopping can take a lot out of a person and dehydration, even in the winter can occur. This is particularly true when being exposed to a lot of dry heat like in department stores.  For this reason make sure to drink enough water and stay away from sodas and sugar drinks. Not only are they less healthy but will dry you out faster. 

5. Hygiene:
When it comes to safety and shopping we often forget many items we touch were already touched by countless other people. Hangers, changing rooms, bathrooms, railways, door handles, checkout counters, and more. What they all have in common is the likelihood of having been in contact with germs that can be picked up easily when we aren’t careful.

Always remember to wash hands before eating or putting them anywhere near the mouth. This will also prevent the transfer of germs to others we may be traveling with such as children or friends.

Jakob writes for Winston Salem, N.C. flooring contractors

Thanks, Jakob, for these great tips for successful and healthy shopping for the holidays.  It would be wise to carry some hand sanitizer along, for those times when a rest room is not close by. 

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