Tall buildings and scaffolding often come to mind when people think of construction dangers, but there are other construction workers who face just as many hazards without actually having to be around either of the aforementioned dangers. Road workers are definitely part of the construction industry, and their lives are put in danger every day by daily commuters who travel through their work zones. Everyone should understand the dangers that these workers face, and it’s imperative for the workers themselves to know what their employer should be doing to keep them safe. 

Construction Zone Injury Statistics

It would seem common sense that working in an area that speeding cars travel through would be dangerous. Between 2008 and 2010, highway construction zones saw the deaths of over 100 workers annually. Statistics also show that there were well over 600 deaths in these construction zones between the years of 2003 and 2007. 

Between the same years (2003 to 2007), the construction industry as a whole saw a little over 8,100 deaths. This means that the deaths related to road construction represented 7.9 percent of all deaths related to the construction industry. Considering the fact that highway construction only makes up a small percentage of the total construction work in the nation, this statistic is sobering. 

Types of Injuries Sustained in Highway Work Zones

Injuries sustained in highway construction work zones literally run the gamut of personal injuries. These mishaps can be anything from a broken foot caused by a dump truck rolling over it to an injury sustained by a speeding driver. Many construction sites are so busy that there are times when a driver receives a ticket and he was not the car that was speeding. Whether you receive a Florida speeding ticket or a speeding ticket in Ohio, it is possible to get help to fight the charges if this was the case.

Some construction sites are so congested that the workers don’t have much room to work and they are often working in a dangerous area. This is where they can receive some of the worst types of injuries. These accidents often cause injuries related to traumatic brain damage, serious spinal cord injuries or other types of internal bleeding, hemorrhaging and damage. These injuries are usually detrimental, so besides staying safe on the jobsite, workers should know their legal rights or seek out someone who does if they’re seriously injured on the job.

How Highway Construction Workers can Stay Safe

There are several ways that highway construction workers can stay safe while making their living. Many of these safety procedures are under the control of the construction company or the state itself. It’s absolutely vital that temporary traffic control (TTC) be set up for the duration of construction. This will ensure that commuters know that work is being performed and are prevented from driving too close to where workers are doing their jobs. 

It’s also important for workers to wear high visibility clothing while on the job. This includes reflective clothing like vests, trousers, overalls, jackets and anything else that can help visibility. One of the most important ways for workers to remain safe, however, is to receive proper safety training. This is because, most of the accidents on road construction sites are caused by on-site work vehicles or equipment. The Federal Highway Administration provides training materials, which should be taught to all construction workers, which include information on how to avoid being injured by construction vehicles or equipment. 

Highway work zones ensure that thousands of people across the country have jobs at any given time, but there is definitely an inherent danger to this work. This danger becomes inflated when the worker, drivers or construction employers don’t heed safety warnings related to the area and job itself. The types of injuries that road workers can sustain are nearly limitless, and this makes it imperative for them to observe proper safety measures. In a world where many drivers act in negligent ways, it’s sometimes necessary for road workers to handle their own safety.

Kelly Kovacic is a paralegal who wants to bring awareness to the safety hazards of construction work. However, not everyone who receives a Florida speeding ticket is in the wrong. For those who were falsely accused of speeding, you need to get professional help to fight for your rights. The Ticket Team Inc. has lawyers who can defend you and protect your driving record.

Thanks, Kelly, for this informative article.  As you mentioned, there should be proper safety training, and the correct personal safety equipment provided for each worker.  Drivers are warned that they are entering a work zone, and they should obey the law and respect the rights of others to be able to perform their jobs safely. pb