By Bill Walter 
Some things in life can’t be controlled. If a tornado is coming towards your home you have to pray that it turns in the other direction and heads off down another street. When it rains so hard your roof feels like it’s about to collapse you have to hope the slates will keep as much water out as possible. All these things can’t be controlled and if Mother Nature wants to destroy your home you have to just sit there and hope there’s still something left by the time she stops. Then you have nasty thieves who want to destroy your home, but they want to do it in another way.
They want to smash your window, climb in and steal as much things as possible. It’s probably dirty drug addicts who want their next fix. They’ll come into your home and steal your TV, then hopefully they can sell it for a few bucks to buy some heroin. Those dirty people are only looking for one thing: an easy target. You don’t see many drug addicts climbing fences, cutting your electricity, and using sophisticated tools to open your door without leaving evidence. They just want an easy target and here’s how to make your home unattractive to them.
Make it painful
If you have shrubbery outside your home you should make sure it’s the jaggy kind. That way when they see it they will know they are going to be ripped to shreds if they decide to sneak through it. If it’s on the other side of your fence and they decide to jump over they are in for a nasty surprise. You won’t see many people break into someone’s home when they have blood pouring down their arms.
Get a higher fence
Small fences are not going to scare many people away. They will deter a small number of would-be thieves, but you need something a little higher if everyone is going to turn around and walk away. You don’t have to rip out the old one and build something much bigger, but just take it into consideration if you ever decide to replace it.
Let there be light
You want your home to light up like a Christmas tree whenever anyone approaches it. If it’s a friend they are going to appreciate the fact they don’t have to walk around in the dark, and if it’s a burglar they are going to turn around and start sprinting for their car. Unless someone is a really good ninja they are not going to get past motion detection lights.
Beware of the dog
This is obviously an old one and you do see lots of people with these already, but that’s because they work. Have a big sign on your garden fence that tells them you have a huge dog, even if you have a little one or none at all. Would you take the chance when you could just as easily look for another home to break into?
Let there be more light
This time you need to think about what’s happening inside your home. When someone is walking down the road and they spot all your lights off they will realize there’s no-one home. Now they just need to get in and out as fast as possible and they have themselves a new television. If they see lights on they won’t come and steal the TV while you’re watching it, so keep the lights turned on when it’s dark.
Have an alarm system
Everyone would benefit from an alarm system. It gives you some peace of mind when you go to sleep. It’s even better if you tell people you have an alarm, just so they don’t have the same peace of mind when they decide to break in. If they see a sign telling them the house is wired they won’t come near it.
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