Sent by Dan Oztunc 

As recent extreme weather events have once again demonstrated, water, our most treasured resource, can also be a source of wide spread and costly damage to society. This is not just applicable to structural deterioration and loss of infrastructure induced by flooding, but more commonly with technological issues where even the smallest amount of water leaking into an electric circuit can result in a complete shutdown of the system. With such extensive use of electronics in business, communications and heavy industries, the risk of economic loss by water leaks is higher than ever. 

Fortunately, it is possible for businesses to protect themselves against such difficulties by installing water leak detection systems and alarms, whereby specialist water detecting equipment is fitted in susceptible zones and connected to audible or visual alerts to incite an immediate response. Where necessary, the leak detector can be remotely connected to a water valve shut off system whereby the water supply is cut off on instant discovery of a leak with no need for human intervention. 

Areas of risk include, but are not limited to, water pipes, air conditioning units and drip trays, office tea rooms, wet rooms, under floor water services and water tanks which could overflow. The types of detector equipment available will vary according to the area being monitored and can be mains or battery powered. For example, a spot probe will optically detect changes in water levels in drip trays or detect changes in sound or vibrations from the appearance of unexpected moisture. Alternatively, detection cable can be laid out to cover larger areas and detects leaks in any direction as soon as water comes into contact with it. Advantageously, the wire can be easily wiped off to swiftly reset the detector. 

The alerting systems can range from a simple buzzer and lamp to discreet wall mounted alarms with bright LED outputs which allow for distant visibility and in recent years an SMS alerting service transmits the alarm directly to the individual. So now, by applying a simple preventative measure, there is no reason to allow finances to flow away into unnecessary repair costs.

This article was written by Emily Banham on behalf of CMR Electrical, design and manufacturers of water leak detection equipment and much more. More information can be found on the following link –