When Prescription Drugs Hurt Instead Of Heal

Most people put their wholehearted trust into their doctors when it comes to their medical health. This trust is usually not misplaced since these professionals are trained to keep people healthy. When a doctor prescribes a certain medicine to someone, that person usually trusts that it is safe for them to take. Unfortunately, due to negligence on part of the doctor, a pharmacy or a drug manufacturer, safety isn’t always guaranteed. It’s important for everyone to understand the risks of prescription drug side effects and what can be done if they occur.

When Prescription Drugs go Bad

Doctors don’t knowingly give their patients prescription drugs that are likely to cause serious health risks. While it’s true that most drugs have known side effects, the perceived benefits of these drugs often outweigh the possible risks. Patients are usually informed if there are any known possible side effects related to a drug that they’re taking, but unfortunately, this isn’t always enough to keep a person safe.

People can be harmed by prescription drugs in numerous ways. Certain drugs, for instance, can be perfectly safe until mixed with other drugs. When doctors fail to take note of the prescriptions their patients are already on, it can lead to an individual taking two prescriptions that can be deadly when used in conjunction with each other.

Negative drug reactions, however, aren’t always the fault of doctors. It’s also possible that pharmaceutical companies failed to recognize all of the possible side effects of a drug before putting it on the market as in the case of Pradaxa litigation. This often occurs due to sub-par clinical trials and the rush to make profit by getting the drug out into the general public. Since these possibilities have the chance of deadly results, every person should take precautionary measures when taking any prescription.

Avoiding Prescription Drug Mishaps

There are several ways that a person can lessen their chance of experiencing adverse side effects when taking prescription drugs. This is exceptionally important since Quarterwatch, a pharmaceutical research nonprofit group, found that there are nearly 180,000 known serious or fatal reactions that can occur related to prescription drugs. Knowing these figures, most people would welcome a few tips on avoiding side effects.

  • Always take prescriptions exactly as prescribed.
  • Doctor should have full medical history of patient. This includes all prescription and over-the-counter drugs being taken.
  • Keep a list of possible side effects handy for at least six months. Not all drugs will cause detrimental reactions immediately; serious side effects sometimes take time to show up.
  • Stick with tried and true prescriptions. If there are other drugs that have been on the market for over seven years and accomplish the same goal, take them. Not all side effects of a drug are immediately known before the drug gets FDA approval.
  • Do your research. Check for bad reviews, ongoing litigation, and manufacturer recalls.  You do this before you buy a car or electronics, you should do it for your own well being.

What to do if harmed by Prescription Drugs

There are several things that an individual or their family should do if serious side effects are experienced due to prescription drugs. The most vital thing to do is to seek immediate medical attention. Even side effects that seem relatively minor can result in serious injury or death. A doctor should be consulted before discontinuing any medication just to ensure full safety.

Those injured by prescription drugs also have certain legal rights. This type of injury isn’t like a car accident or other seemingly minor event that can be easily handled by two parties outside of court. Doctors and drug manufacturers have a duty to ensure that prescription drugs are going to be safe for a person, and when side effects are possible, patients must be informed of them. When these entities fail in this duty, patients have the right to recover damages.

Anyone who suffers an injury due to a prescription drug can receive compensation for their pain, suffering, medical costs and any other losses related to the injury. Even though this is the case, taking a few of the aforementioned precautionary steps is much better than dealing with a medical malpractice suit or facing a pharmaceutical company in court. When it does come down to these instances, however, it’s important for a person to have an attorney who is experienced in prescription drug lawsuits at their side.

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