Beware of Slip And Fall Accidents: Top Real Estate Liability Risk List

Anyone who goes into business for themselves must realize the liabilities that they could be facing. When it comes to real estate liability, it turns out that slips and falls are the number one liability risk that every business owner with a physical location faces. These types of accidents can lead to serious injuries, and if it’s decided that a business owner is responsible for the injury, they could face huge monetary damages. With slips and falls being the huge danger that they are, it’s important for every business owner to fully understand the risk they’re facing. 

Slip and Fall Liability

Not every slip and fall that occurs at a business is going to be seen as the company’s fault, but many of them will turn out that way. As any slip and fall attorney will tell you, the only way to ensure that business owners take this risk seriously is for them to fully understand the consequences of not doing so. 

1. Potential Costs

Many business owners don’t realize that one slip and fall injury can end up costing them tens of thousands of dollars. No two cases like this are the same, so the settlement can vary significantly. It’s just important to remember that such an accident can cause spinal injuries, broken bones and, in serious falls, traumatic brain damage. These types of injuries will obviously cause significant financial losses for a company. 

2. Adverse Publicity

Even if a company doesn’t face large civil penalties for a slip and fall accident, they’re likely to still lose money due to negative publicity. If the public finds out about such an accident, they may start to view the business as an unsafe place to frequent. In addition, simply fighting against a slip and fall lawsuit can make it appear as if the company is trying to avoid its financial duties, and whether this is true or not, it’s going to be a public relations nightmare. 

Minimizing the Chances of Slip and Fall Injuries

While slip and fall injuries are an ever existing risk when customers are at a business, these risks can be mitigated through proper planning. 

  • Walkways: Walkways should always be well lit and slightly pitched for drainage purposes to avoid accidents. These areas should also be smooth but definitely not slippery. If necessary, chemical treatments should be used to increase friction on the walkway. 
  • Staircases: Staircases are common areas where slip and fall accidents occur. It’s important that these stairs meet local building codes, so these requirements should be checked out even if a business owner has just moved into their new company address. These structures should also remain free of debris at all times. 
  • Floor Maintenance: Floors should always be cleaned to manufacturers’ specifications. Nonslip wax is sometimes essential, but it’s important to make sure that the flooring material is completely compatible with whatever wax is being used. In addition, it’s important to not use wax and floor cleaner combinations that were initially intended for walkways; this will cause residual buildup that can increase the likelihood of accidents.

It’s important for every individual to recognize the liability issues that they face as a business owner. Failure to proactively prevent and anticipate possible injuries that could be sustained on their property is a quick way for an individual to lose everything that they own. Luckily, simply knowing that slip and fall accidents are their main source of liability is enough to get a business owner moving in the right direction. Preventing this type of liability is necessary for anyone who hopes to keep a profitable business. 

As a former law blog editor, author Georgina Clatworthy has written extensively about personal injury and accident liabilities. Price Benowitz, LLP is a firm of personal injury lawyers ready to assist anyone who needs the help of an experienced slip and fall attorney. Partnering with a reputable attorney will maximize your chances of obtaining full compensation for injuries suffered as the result of a these types of accidents.