Selecting toys for your baby or toddler can be a difficult task. It is common to select a toy on impulse because it looks cute or seems to be age appropriate. However, when you are selecting toys for children this small, there are several things that you should take into consideration to protect your child, ensure their fun, and save you money.

1. Small Parts. As you already know, babies and toddlers have the tendency to stick everything in their mouth. It does not matter what the object is, or how dirty it is, or even if you tell them no, they still stick it in their mouths. Toys with small parts, such as button eyes on stuffed animals, can be very dangerous. If they stick it in their mouths and it comes off the product, there is a risk of choking. Additionally, small parts also fit into nostrils, ears, and have the tendency to be jammed into other household items.

2. Quality of Manufacture. While going to the dollar store can be a big adventure for a small child, it is also filled with dangerous toys. Many of these imported toys are poorly constructed and break easy; leaving sharp edges or small parts that can present a problem. These toys also have a tendency to contain harmful chemicals. Some overseas manufacturers do not adhere to the same health and safety regulations that manufacturers in the U.S. are held to, and these toys may have paint that contain lead or are made from plastic with high levels of PCB’s. Purchasing toys from trusted brands such as products by Babyeinstein, will give you the piece of mind that baby’s toys are manufactured to the highest standards.

3. Age Appropriate. Even though you may think your child is mature for their age or advanced in their development, it is always wise to stick with age appropriate toys. No matter how smart we think our children are, they are still small and inexperienced. Safety guidelines help dictate what is age appropriate based on the ability of a child to get hurt from using the toy, not based on their advancements. Try to always purchase within their age limits to keep your child safe.

4. Entertainment Value. Look for toys that will actually keep your child amused. It does not necessarily have to be a large or complicated item; it can be something as simple as a ball that they can roll across the floor. It is easy to get consumed with toys that are educational, but many children will have the ability to learn from any toy if they are interested enough to play with it. Look for something that you can do together or possibly something that involves your other children. Toys can also be a way to bond and bring everyone in the family closer.

When you are out shopping for toys, give yourself a little extra time to examine the product and make a choice that is most beneficial to your child and yourself. Children need to play, it helps them to develop and grow. Parents need to make sure that when they do play, they will remain safe, which is easy to accomplish when you review a product before you buy.

As a mom of 3, author Georgina Clatworthy knows the importance of choosing toys from reputable manufacturers such as products by Babyeinstein. Kids II is global leader when it comes to trusted brands for baby toys and products. For 40 years they have been inventing innovative, award winning toys under its flagship brands.


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