Know the Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos has been used as a building material since the 1950’s and
though everyone has heard of the deadly material, why exactly is it held
with such fear and what does exposure to the material mean for those
Asbestos is a naturally occurring material, which has been exploited by
the building trade for over 50 years. The material was particularly
popular due to its excellent insulating qualities as well as it
providing good protection against fire and corrosion. However, unbeknown
to tradesmen working with the material years before and many DIY
enthusiasts of today, the material that seemed to have so many amazing
properties does have its dangers, dangers which were only revealed
decades later.

Where is Asbestos Found?

All buildings constructed before 2000 are at risk of containing
asbestos and scarily this deadly material can be found in a variety of
places both in domestic and commercial environments. Asbestos Containing
Materials (ACMs) can be found in ceiling tiles, pipe insulation,
boilers, sprayed coatings, structural supports and cement roof sheeting
found on industrial roofs and walls.
Asbestos is also found in artex, these textured wall coverings were a
staple feature in 1960’s and 1970’s homes and as times have changed so
too have the interior design trends. More homeowners are putting
themselves at risk of asbestos exposure by removing artex coverings from
their walls and ceilings in favour of a more modern interior but before
completing any home improvement it’s important to know the dangers
behind asbestos so that if encountered, the asbestos can be handled and
disposed of correctly.

Identifying Asbestos

Identifying asbestos is a tricky thing and a job that should be done by
an asbestos specialist licensed by the Health and Safety Executive.
Asbestos was actually mixed with other materials during construction
making it hard to identify even to this day. According to a study by the
British Lung Foundation, around two-thirds of people said they couldn’t
confidently identify asbestos, making it even more important that you
call in a professional if you are concerned that you home may contain
the deadly material.

The Hidden Killer

If inhaled, asbestos can cause a variety of health concerns, and though
it may take anything from a few minutes to a few years for your body to
be exposed to asbestos, symptoms of exposure can take decades to
develop. Once symptoms show however, it is often too late for the person
involved, resulting in serious complications and even death.
Asbestos exposure has caused a number of conditions, the most serious
being Mesothelioma. This is a form of cancer, which affects the lung and
digestive tract lining and in recent years it has been exclusively
linked with asbestos. Asbestosis is also a result of heavy exposure,
this disease scars the lungs causing shortness of breath and other
breathing difficulties.  Asbestos exposure has also been found to cause
thickening and swelling of the lung lining, which also restricts the
lung’s capabilities causing shortness of breath and discomfort.

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Anyone working around asbestos should wear the proper protective equipment, such as protective clothing, and gloves, and not wear their work clothing home with them, but change into every day clothes in order not to bring particles into their homes and family. pb


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