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Swimming is one of those ideal activities that is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. This is why swimming is a great sport for kids to get involved in, as age is really only a number as swimming is about endurance, courage and technique. Though you may be anxious to get your child swimming as soon as possible, you need to make sure that you explain the sport in at least a little detail so your child will not be fearful when the time comes to dive right in and start swimming. 

Pictures and Videos

Small children may need to be shown what swimming is about. This is because many young kids are taught and told not to go under the water while in the bath and others may have been taught water safety while on a boat. These cues can cause apprehension in young children and thus make them somewhat fearful about learning to swim. Showing kids videos and sporting events centered around swimming will help visually illustrate that swimming is actually a fun and entertaining sport. 

Watch Mommy

One of the great ways to drive home the fact that once you know the basics of swimming that is is safe to just dive right in to a pool is by showing your own child how you swim. This works best for parents who can swim well and is best done by having your child sit and watch you take a few laps around a pool so they can see that swimming is safe when one knows how to swim properly. 

Professional Guidance

The other option for many parents is through swimming lessons in NYC. This is a way for children to get a good overview and introduction to swimming by a trained instructor. This works well as the swim instructor can talk to the child about swimming, explain how the lessons will work and earn the child’s trust. This is then followed up by the actual lessons which may begin on dry ground and then eventually progress in to the water where flotation devices are first used and then removed when the child has learned how to swim. 

The steps you take in preparing your child for swimming can go a long way in the end. One does not want to simply toss a child in to water and have them learn swimming simply through the process of trying to stay afloat. The extra time will have your little swimmer loving the sport and always craving more time in the water.

Once a child becomes a little swimming pro, if their eyes are sensitive to the water, get some good goggles to protect them.  Also, earplugs can help prevent “swimmer’s ear”.  pb


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