It’s springtime! Aside from being the time of blooms, it’s also the time when you suddenly realize your house needs a fresh coat of paint, or your lawn needs mowing, or your furniture needs a little bit more than just dusting.

If you’re planning to haul out the cleaning equipment and clean every nook and cranny of your home, take note that there are certain risks involved. Unless you want to end up injured and in the emergency room, like some 21 million people every year (source: Home Safety Council), here are a few DOs and DON’Ts for safer, happier, and productive spring cleaning.

Do use common sense in climbing and using ladders
When using the ladder to wash windows or reach something high, use extreme caution. Follow weight limits on ladders and if possible, wear non-skid shoes. Don’t lean too far to either side as well. To be sure, have someone at the base to hold the ladder steady.

Do wear a mask or safety gear
Wearing safety goggles to clean the house may feel weird, but it can do you good in so many ways. Aside from glasses, you can also wear appropriate gloves, hearing protections and other products to prevent injuries. If you are allergic to dust, by all means, wear a mask when dusting.

Do be careful when moving large pieces of furniture
Improper pushing and lifting can cause major injuries that can last for several weeks. To stay safe, use proper lifting technique: bend and lift from the legs rather than the back. Seek the help of a partner when moving heavy objects and furniture.

Do keep paths clear
As you move things around, the entire house may turn into an obstacle course. Make sure to leave clear paths for you unless you want to end up slipping or stepping on something that may hurt your foot. One tip is to put them into boxes or bags away from steps and stairs.

Don’t rush because you’re tired
Most people want to get things done at the shortest time possible. However, this mostly leads to breaking things or accidents. If you’re exhausted, stop and take a break. Drink a glass of water and rest instead of being unsafe. Work can resume when you’re re-energized.

Don’t carry too much stuff at once
…especially on stairs. If you are taking things from your bedroom to the living room, make sure you have a free hand to hold onto the railing of the stairs. Also, even without having to go up and down the stairs, you should make sure the load you are carrying is enough so that you won’t trip.

Don’t mix and match cleaning products
When mixed with others, some chemicals can be toxic and flammable. Even virtually mild chemicals have a way of reacting. Since low cost health insurance is difficult to come by nowadays, better read labels and follow instructions properly if you want to stay safe. To be sure, use eco-friendly cleaning solutions instead!

Don’t leave water buckets unattended
Mopping the floor or washing the windows usually require a bucket of water. If you need to take a quick break, make sure to empty the bucket or put it in an inaccessible area, at the very least. Spilled water can increase the risk of slips and falls, as well as drowning for the little ones.

Have a happy and safe spring cleaning everyone!

About the author: Based in California, Melissa Page is a professional writer with over 4 years of professional writing experience. Despite being a safety-conscious health buff, she still believes in the importance of health insurance. She also loves travelling and bowling.