At the time of this writing, we are about mid-way through the Memorial Day Holiday.  Please don’t forget why you have the day off tomorrow: on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States, as a day of paying tribute to the memory of those who died while serving our country in wars. It was first observed in 1866.  We continue to honor those who gave their lives in the process of holding on to the freedoms that we enjoy.  For anyone who loved a person missing in action, from wars as far back as WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and forward, it is a day of honoring their loved ones, whom they miss every day, unsure of what happened to them. 

Many events throughout the country are planned for tomorrow:  parades, picnics, military cemetery honors, and countless others.  You can look on your search engine and ask for Memorial Day, and you get all types of things:  Memorial Day Sales, When is Memorial Day, What is Memorial Day, etc.  Our hearts are with those who have been victims of tornadoes, floods, and wildfires in the past several days.  Keep them in your thoughts, as their weekend has been one of trying to put their lives back together. 

We hope you will arrive safely at home if you have travelled this weekend, and begin your new work week with a fresh perspective on looking at things in a more appreciative way.  We are fortunate that we have our military service men and women who “have our backs.”  So, we honor those who are in far-away places, missing the celebration of family and friends.  We pray for their safe return. 

Happy Memorial Day, and May God Bless America !