When organizing any type of industry event, planning is always essential to success. Get the details right at the planning stage and the event will run smoothly. Safety should always be your number one priority no matter what type of event – here’s some essential tips to keep in mind to help get your plan on track and keep your event safe.

First things first, make sure you find the perfect venue. This doesn’t just mean a place that fits the style and theme of your event; most importantly it means a venue that will safely hold the capacity of people you expect to turn up.

Make sure that you not only have a venue big enough but that you have enough power back up to support the area and all of your needs. This is especially important if you are holding an outdoor event, make sure you arrange good quality generator power, and always enquire about getting standby generators onsite too.

Lighting is also extremely important; ensure you have sufficient lighting for all areas. Leaving corners dark can encourage crime, or leaving walkways and other thoroughfares not lit enough can cause serious accidents.

All industry events should be wheelchair friendly to accommodate any guest who may need to use one.  Not only will you need to think about an alternative to stairs if there are any but also ensure that all paths in and around your event can safely be used by people with wheelchairs. Ground coverings such as Portapath from Grassform are ideal to ensure that you protect the ground below whilst ensuring safe wheelchair friendly paths.

Some accidents simply cannot be prevented but many can so make sure you do everything to protect your guests from tripping or slipping over. Investing in ground protection will ensure that your guests can walk freely around the venue without having to worry about slipping over on muddy pathways.

As well as guests on foot or in wheelchairs you must make sure that the event is safe for any vehicles that arrive to drop off or pick up guests. Ground protection such as GrassCarpet, a heavy duty, plastic reinforcement mesh will ensure that all access requirements are met for vehicles crossing ground that could otherwise get muddy very quickly and cause real problems for vehicles.

Getting man power security for any type of industry event is also extremely important, ensuring that trespassers are kept out. Security personnel can also be used to enforce crowd control and keep all of your event attendees safe and secure, making sure they have a good time. Two-way radios are an excellent coordination and safety tool for such a thing.

Being able to provide adequate first aid is a necessity at any event, whether it is based indoors or outdoors. Make sure you have enough qualified first aiders to cope with the volume of people you expect and the types of injuries and accidents that can occur.

Fires are thankfully a rarity, but they can occur so organisers should consider the risk from fire at all outdoor events and carry out a fire risk assessment. Ensure that the premises, including outside areas, tents, temporary structures and all means of access to, and exits from the premises, are safe, clearly marked and that there is a safe assembly point located nearby.

Lastly ensure that everyone who will be working at your event is briefed fully on any safety concerns and contingency plans. Ensuring your staff know all fire escape routes, are either first aid trained or know clearly where the first aiders and firstaid supplies are, is essential to making sure your guests are helped quickly and safely should an accident or emergency occur.

Follow these planning tips to make sure your event runs smoothly and safely and is memorable for all your guests, for all the right reasons.

Simon Hayes writes for www.grassform.co.uk, who offer a wide range of ground protection and ground reinforcement products and solutions for events, festivals, concerts and sports grounds.