From time to time, I like to stroll (actually drive) over to headquarters in Brownwood, Texas, to check out the latest safety gear, so I can mention it in case you haven’t spotted it on our http://www.tasco-safety.com/ website!

For the many workers who must wear safety vests all day long, there is an abundance of hi-visibility ones with logos already on them, such as Think Safety”,  (which happens to be on sale right now).  Check out the new black vests – many law enforcement officers prefer to wear black, and these can have any logos or names imprinted right in our own facility!

There are “cool” hot pink vests for the girls, and even white, with hot pink stripes.  The white appear to be a cool choice.  For girls with an attitude, we offer a black vest with hot pink stripes!

For more info, this comes straight from our website:

We carry inexpensive vests such as the plain soft mesh version, surveyor’s safety vests, ANSI Traffic Safety Vests, and also company imprinted safety vests. We are offering from SM to 5X sizing, both solid materials and mesh materials; as well as, many different reflective stripe combinations. We also carry the standard Orange and Lime colors in most designs, and we recently introduced special color identification vests including Pink, Royal Blue, ANSI Red, Black, Green, White and more. Whether on the jobsite, in a traffic area, or on a busy roadside we have the perfect safety vest for you.

For those who work in extremely hot weather, we carry a body cooling vest that will help you keep your cool.  Golfers, yard workers, and others who are out in the heat would probably love them, too! 

While you are browsing, don’t forget to take a look at our similar high visibility safety product pages. This section offers high visibility clothing from head to toe.  If you purchase an item, please remember to mention that you read about it on the blog so you can receive a 5% discount!  Thanks for reading my little commercial.  We want you to be safe, seen, and cool this summer.