Burglars are a big problem for businesses, especially those that are in areas where no one is around at night time. Businesses in mixed use areas suffer from less break-ins than industries in business and industrial districts,  so those located in industrial parks should be particularly aware of the issues they face,  since there are no neighbors to notice suspicious activity. Industrial businesses also need to keep the public out of what could potentially turn into a dangerous situation.

Industrial parks are a good thing for commerce. They allow businesses to do things that residential neighbors wouldn’t tolerate and get access to resources they need easily, such as truck deliveries and railway lines for shipping. But with industrial parks come some risks. Because no one is around at night in most industrial parks when the companies are closed for the night, security can become a big issue. Unmonitored areas attract burglars who want to steal industrial supplies and tools,  so businesses in industrial zones need to ensure their trade is protected. Part of the problem, however, is not enticing burglars with obstacles that show the business has things of value. For instance, high fences around a building might be a clue that there is something valuable inside to protect, such as copper or machine parts.

Another issue businesses in industrial settings need to be wary of is the public wandering into places they don’t belong, either by mistake or on purpose. Industrial businesses often involve dangerous machinery that come with lots of safety requirements that the general public doesn’t know about. If someone wanders into your business into an area they shouldn’t be or a burglar breaks in and ignores safety signs, they can suffer injuries and you might be held liable.

The best way to solve these problems is to install a security system that not only prevents burglaries but also alerts the police if someone has broken in. Security systems with surveillance cameras deter burglars so there’s less chance that someone will try to break into your business. Monitored burglar alarms also alert the police that a break-in has occurred so they will respond to your business immediately, instead of finding out the next morning when you get to work that things have gone missing.  They are also an inconspicuous way to protect your business without attracting attention.

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