We hope these words bring a smile to your face, rather than a frown!  Having worked in several vocations, I can think back to little things going on at each place that irritated me to no end. 

Sometimes these pet peeves get under our skin so much, that it can cause us to lose our cool, and possibly have an accident that otherwise could be prevented.  There’s an old saying, “The customer is always right.”  I am of the opinion this can’t be true.  It seems that customers of department stores and other retail stores can be rude to the employees.  They are busy talking on their cell phone while ignoring the clerk, who is there to help them.  That can go both ways, however, because sometimes clerks are downright rude to the customers. 

While working at an oilfield construction company, the workers would gather in the back room before time to go to work, the office would be full of smoke, and then, when they left to go to their job, they would throw their coffee cups on the floor, and even worse, the sugar in the coffee would drip down the wall!  Having a blunt talk with my supervisor, he put a stop to it. (I was a one-woman secretary in a company of about 100 employees.)  They complied for a while, which made it much more pleasant.  I often wondered if they treated their wives and homes the same way. 

I am betting that each one of you has a story to tell.  As you drive to work, do drivers who don’t use turn signals irritate you?  Don’t you know you are supposed to read their minds?  How about people that read the paper or their text mails while operating their vehicle?  What about the guy you are behind that won’t turn right on a red light, when it is permissible?

Some drivers ignore yield or stop signs, which can be bad for them and the other person.  Or, have you encountered that driver who zigzags in and out of lanes on the expressway?  Or the driver who drives 20 mph lower than the speed limit, and you are stuck behind him/her?  I especially don’t appreciate the jerks that take up two parking spaces, or a handicapped parking spot.  That extra wide parking place is there for a reason, so please don’t violate this courtesy to those who need them.  Last, but not least, in the driving/parking category, put your cart in the cart corral instead of leaving it in the middle of the parking lot.  Thank You! 

Let’s talk about some disturbing facts that may annoy you in your workplace.  First, the B.O. (body odor) factor isn’t pleasant for anyone who has to work with that person.  Second, if someone is sick and coughing/sneezing, wouldn’t it be better for them to take a sick day, rather than sharing their problem with everyone else?  At one of my workplaces we had a couple of clowns (IT people) that thought it was really clever to adjust our computers where the picture on the monitor was upside down when we turned them on in the morning.  Thanks, guys.  Do you know someone at your workplace that thinks he/she is the only one with the background for understanding an issue?  Do you have a boss that won’t introduce you to an important customer?  Nice to feel invisible, isn’t it?  How about that know-it-all across the hall that is always right and has the last word? 

It is not unusual to be irked about things that happen at work.  Some workers think they don’t have to pay attention to important things, like safety training.  They are usually the ones who get hurt or hurt someone else.  It would be hard to find a person that doesn’t have some sort of pet peeve against a coworker, unless they are perfect.  It might be a good idea, though, to go to your supervisor if a coworker is doing annoying things that take your mind off your job. 

There is always going to be some horseplay at most businesses:  those are the ones who may cause someone else to be injured.  By telling someone else about irritating habits, the solution may be simple.  Try to count to ten and think about something you are looking forward to, instead of simmering. 

One thing that always bothered me, was to be reprimanded in front of coworkers.  There’s a time and place for everything, and it is in a private area, where your supervisor explains a mistake you may have made (especially in a new job), and helps you correct it. 

Habitually tardy employees make it hard on the others.  This constant habit of showing up late, could cause a shortage of personnel, someone else having to do their work, and general resentment all around.  If that person has to drive too fast to make it to work on time, they are risking safety of themselves and others just to get their day started.  My advice:  set your alarm thirty minutes early.

Well, you know, I feel much better having placed some of my pet peeves on your shoulders!  If you have a friend or coworker that you can share your concerns, it really helps to have that person to talk it over with.  Thanks for letting me share things that have bothered me in the past, but didn’t amount to a hill of beans when it was all said and done.  You have better things to do with your time, so try not to let these little “pet peeves” get to you.  One hundred years from now, who will know anyway?