Maintaining good fire safety awareness is a must for all individuals. Although everyone must stay fire aware, one of the key figures involved in fire safety is going to be the fire marshall, so learning what this role entails is important.

If you’ve ever considered fire marshall training, knowing what they are responsible for can help you make an informed decision.

The Daily Duties For Fire Safety Awareness

Don’t let yourself think that a fire representitive is only going to be involved when a fire is breaking out. That isn’t the case at all.

In fact, there are daily duties that a fire marshall must be taking part in to ensure that maximal fire safety awareness is maintaining.

First, they must make sure that all exit doors are available for use and that these doors are unlocked and not obstructed by any obstacles standing in the way. It’s vital that everyone can easily get out should a fire break loose.

Next, they also need to check that the escape routes are likewise easily accessible and there are no combustible materials present around them. Anything irresponsibly left in the line of escape should be removed and stored in a suitable place.

On a day to day basis, the fire marshall must also check that fire extinguishers are in position and that safety signs are clear and completely visible with nothing standing in the way. It’s important that fire alarm call points are not being obstructed and that fire-resisting doors are closed and are functioning as they should.

If any of these are not working properly, a report must be made so the proper authorities are aware of it.

The Duties During An Emergency

Should the worst happen and a fire breaks out, there will be additional duties that the fire marshall needs to take on.

First, he or she must instigate the evacuation of the area and make sure that everyone has left the premises. From there, he or she must proceed to the assembly area and report to the fire co-ordinator, taking role call if necessary. Take a count sheet with a list of everyone in your office/premises and double check that no one could have been left, or trapped in the building.

From there, the fire co-ordinators will typically take over many of the duties and will start to gather information on the cause of the fire and all necessary facts that will be required in order to file the police report. They will also report if or when the building is safe to re enter.

You can see there are many different roles and duties that a fire marshall must take on.  If proper fire safety awareness is maintained, everyone should know who the marshalls are, what they are responsible for and ensure that these duties are being completed. An incident command safety vests might also help to alleviate confusion as to which person is doing a particular task.

It’s when duties are let slip that serious fire hazards can occur and when the most serious of fires can break out.

A thorough fire risk assessment of your premises conducted by professional fire safety consultants should always be carried out to ensure fire safety best practice is implemented. Then with proper care and maintenance, optimal fire safety should be easily maintained and you can rest easy knowing that should a fire occur, you are well protected.

Submitted by Joanne Gardner