Losing weight has become an obsession for most people these days. Due to pressures at work, exhaustion or lack of time to hit the gym, most working men and women have a hard time keeping fit. As a result, most men and women resort to diet meal plans circulating these days in order to maintain a certain figure. Little do they know that some diet plans may be unhealthy thereby doing more harm than good in the body. 

What constitutes a safe and healthy meal plan? 

To avoid falling into the trap, keep in mind that a healthy diet plan should provide all the necessary nutrients needed by your body and at the same time, staying within the recommended daily calories. Your body still needs carbohydrates, protein, fiber and an amount of fat to keep you energized all throughout the day. In fact, eliminating a certain group in the food pyramid can be harmful to the body. 

Therefore, a safe and healthy eating plan is concentrated on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and low-fat dairy products. Lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs and a little cholesterol, salt and sugar are likewise recommended. 

To better guide every working men and women, below are some foods you can use to have a healthy and fit body. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you’re going to need all the nutrients to help you last all throughout the day. For breakfast, make sure you have – 

  • ·         Eggs.
  • ·         Carbohydrates in the form of whole grains. This includes oatmeal, cereals, brown rice, brown or wheat pasta or whole wheat bread.
  • ·         Fruits or vegetables on the side such as orange, banana or apple.
  • ·         Low or nonfat dairy products. This includes milk, cheese or yogurt.
  • ·         Lean meat since it is a good source of protein which can keep you pumped up the whole day. Lean meat can be turkey, chicken, salmon, fish or loin products. 


Meals during lunch shouldn’t be as heavy as breakfast food. Nonetheless, you will still need carbohydrates and protein for added energy since your day isn’t over yet. Go for whole grain products such as whole wheat bread or crackers and combine it with lean products. It can be a turkey sandwich or a smoked salmon sandwich with unsweetened drink on the side. Don’t forget to have some fruits too such as apple or banana. 


You are after a safe and healthy meal plan to help you on your diet and snacks shouldn’t compromise your weight loss goals. Avoid going for sweets, processed products or junk foods just to keep you awake. Fruits such as banana or cantaloupe, nuts, a cup of yogurt with fruits, an ounce of sunflower seeds, roasted almonds are much better and can help boost your energy rather than processed and unhealthy ones. 


As the saying goes, eat like a pauper during dinner since there is not much enough time to burn off all the calories you had. Still, skipping dinner is not advisable. Nonetheless, it’s a must to have carbohydrates such as a cup of brown rice or whole wheat dinner roll. Protein is likewise needed and broiled salmon; grilled loin steak can be consumed. Cap off your meal with steamed vegetables and a cup of fat-free milk. 

It’s up to you on how you want to spice your everyday meal. Always remember that in every meal plan, make sure you have carbohydrates, protein, fiber and a little amount of fat. As much as possible, do not eliminate any food group and eat in moderation. 

Author Bio: 

Marshal Gatlin is a health & fitness enthusiast. He reviews commercial diet plans like Diet To Go. Through he strives to help everyone achieve their fitness and weight loss goals and provide access to the information and education they need to do to so.