Workers of food and beverage industry are subjected to a large number of hazards. The primary of them are mentioned below:

  • Workers are often subjected to same level falls arising from slippery conditions. Such falls may cause strains and sprains.
  •  They are exposed to sharp instruments like knives.
  •  Workers may collide with internal transport like containers and forklifts.
  •  The workplace often has poorly designed process flow and inadequate space of work. Workers are exposed to repetitive work and manual lifting. These factors lead to problems caused by poor work posture.
  • Workers are exposed to excessive levels of noise caused by operations like use of beverage bottle fillers, conveyors, bottling and canning.
  •  Workers in this industry are exposed to chemical hazards caused by handling of chemicals used in disinfection and cleaning operations.
  •  They area also exposed to biological hazards caused by ingestion and inhalation of dust. Working in highly humid conditions also exposes the workers to microbiological and biological agents.
  •  This industry involves varying temperature conditions arising from activities like freezing, chilling and heat treatment. Workers are exposed to high temperatures during canning processes and pasteurization. They are exposed to chilling cold conditions while working in refrigerated spaces.

Measures to be taken for minimizing risks and hazards and maximizing workplace health and safety:

  • The working surfaces and walkways should be kept dry and clean to prevent slips and falls. Workers should be provided with footwear having anti-slip features.
  • Workers should use gloves while working with knives and other sharp instruments. This would safeguard them from cuts and similar injuries.
  • Working areas and transport passages should be deferentiated. Handrails should be placed on stairs and platforms.
  •  Spillage of liquids and water on floor should be avoided.
  • Training should be provided to workers on proper lifting techniques. To maximize the workspace of the workers, workstation should be created for each worker.
  • For reduction in the noise levels, it is important to undertake engineering control measures.
  • Emphasis should be made on the personal protection of workers.


It is important for the safety personnel of food and beverage industry to design effective accident prevention methods and strategies aimed at making the workplace healthy and safe for the employees. A safe and healthy workplace would also lead to increased productivity of workers.

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