Safety wear is used to protect you in work environments but to the majority, it becomes part of the uniform and we forget its benefits. This article is going to give you a run down of what you need and when you might need it.

Labouring jobs and outdoor jobs are perhaps the most obvious occupations in which workwear is required. When you are working in a building environment for example, there is a risk with carrying heavy goods in case you dropped  something on your toe. When your work outdoors, perhaps doing road works, there is a risk in foggy or dark conditions with your lack of visibility. Hazards exist everywhere you look but jobs, like the ones described, carry a higher risk. This is why you need safety wear. Safety wear decreases the chance of accidents and injuries.

But what is needed and why?

First of all let’s start with what is available.

  • Socks with extra cushioning so you can feel comfortable while wearing safety boots.
  • Safety boots – most contain steel toe caps to protect your toes and you should look for ones with anti-slip surfaces to ensure you remain steady on your feet.
  • Work trousers – containing durable material, knee pads and lots of pockets.
  • Safety gloves – to protect your hands.
  • Safety goggles – your eyes are the most precious part of your body and although goggles might look unattractive, it is worth it to save your vision.
  • High Visibility clothing. Vests and jackets help you stay noticed in unclear conditions.
  • Knee pads – knees are weak parts of the body and the extra padding can be crucial if your spending a lot of time knelt down on the floor during your job. It is all about making you comfortable.
  • Hard hats with cushioning to protect your head and brain are very important.

Who needs what though?

Well,  if you are in a labouring environment, it depends. 
Builders will more than likely require steel toe work boots in case any materials are dropped while doing the job. They also require hard hats and gloves are a must have, particularly if working outdoors in blustering conditions.
Mechanics need work trousers and knee pads. When they are knelt on the ground and under vehicles, comfort is essential and these must-haves are necessary to protect your knees.
Welders require safety goggles. This is a dangerous job and your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. They are critical safety products.

If you are outdoors, maybe working on the roads as a traffic officer or as an highway operative, you need to ensure you stand out and people can see you. This is not always easy when the weather conditions are poor or even when it is dark; this is why your role requires high visibility clothing. Hi-vis jackets and vests come in fluorescent designs and contain extra reflective strips to ensure you are noticeable and in turn accidents are avoided. Jackets come in a variety of styles so if you are working in the cold, you can opt for a fleece lined parka that will keep you warm but also safe and secure.
Emergency services also wear hi-vis clothing to ensure they are apparent and people recognise them easily; this is particularly important for crucial situations.

Most workers require some sort of safety uniform but for occupations outdoors or in labouring environments, a specialised range of safety wear has been deigned to decrease any unexpected risks. It is very important and statistics suggest you need these items. Take a look at our range of workwear here http://www.sportsdirect.com/pages/workwear and stay safe!