Texas America Safety Company Introduces New Mechanix “Touch-Glove”

 Mechanix work gloves, as well as sleeves, knee pads and many other Mechanix wear products are probably the most popular and sought-after version of glove for the U.S. military and the NASCAR racing circuit.  Try a pair out and you will agree.

Because of Mechanix’ popularity, Texas America Safety Company is introducing a new Mechanix “Touch Glove” that has been added to its Mechanix section of work gloves,  featuring the Mechanix glove that works with your smart phone! Now you can use your phone or tablet without having to take off your gloves!

The Mechanix Original Touch glove was designed to simplify your life; while at the same time, offering hand protection from the elements. The Touch gloves are equipped to offer three fingers with conductivity that will allow you to work with all of your touch screen devices.   The highly conductive AX material mimics human touch for easy navigation of your smart devices.

Check out our broad selection of  Mechanix styles and colors (even camoflauge) and pink for the girls. Touch gloves should fit the needs of the military quite well, as computers are very important to their missions.  See if you can spot how many NASCAR crews are wearing Mechanix gloves in today’s big race in Texas.

Mention that you read about these on Blog4Safety and you will receive a 5% discount!Stay safe and connected with the new Mechanix Original Touch Glove!