Since so many are “enjoying”this hectic time of the year, it’s a good opportunity for me to offer good advice for those hard-working guys who will have some time off to enjoy their favorite (non-Christmas) activity.  Football! 

My husband is a seasoned armchair coach, having 54-plus years of experience.  (At least that’s how long I have witnessed it.)  He has given advice to all the professional coaches, as well as college coaches.   I am so thankful they can’t hear some of that advice.  There are probably a lot of wives out there who know what I am talking about. 

Not everyone enjoys football; some had rather be outdoors playing golf,  hunting, riding motorcycles, and there are those who enjoy readding a book.  And what family doesn’t enjoy gathering around the table to play games?  But for those seasoned veterans of viewing the gridiron, here are some useful tips: 

  • Get your guide for all the games and place it on your table by your comfy recliner, so you’ll know every channel you need to switch to.  (Thanks to PIP, it’s possible to keep up with more than one game.)
  • Take some snacks along so your wife can do all the other Christmas baking, preparations, etc. (Please don’t ask her to wait on you, she’s not your trainer.)
  • About those snacks: make them healthy, like carrot sticks and celery!
  • Use the time-outs for break time.  That way you won’t miss a single down!
  • Don’t get too upset if your team goofs up (watch your blood pressure.)
  • Be thoughtful;  watch a few parades with the family, while you dream about the next game coming up.
  • Try getting a little exercise in-between bowl games.  Walk around the house – stay mobile so you won’t stiffen up before you have to go back to work! 

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While you have the time off to relax from work, enjoy your holidays and don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive.  Be thankful for your family and friends, and make every day count.  There’s still more football ahead!