Homeowners often forget the hazards gas leakages can cause. Even though it’s common sense that smoking near inflammable things is hazardous, candles left overnight can cause fire hazards, but rarely does anyone pay attention to the safety of his or her home when it comes to gas hazards.

If you’re one of the many people who have unintentionally overlooked the importance of gas safety, here are some DIY tips for you. Make sure to use these tips to avoid gas hazards and ensure a safe and secure home for you and your family.

1.       Buy a Carbon monoxide Detector

The thing about gas is that you can’t see it. Since carbon monoxide is gas, you can’t see it but it can kill you if it spreads in your home due to a gas leak in a pipe, stove or fireplace. Buy a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector that can detect gas and alert you instantly so you can take necessary action.

2.       Keep Your Home Well Ventilated

Keeping your home well ventilated can prevent many hazards as cross ventilation allows an outlet for gas to move out of your home. Tight and congested places can contain gas, and the hazardous affect can come to surface sooner than you can call for help.

3.       Check Stoves, Fireplaces , Chimneys

Even though many people do follow this tip, it is extremely important to mention because gas leaks can cause severe hazards, fires and explosions. Always make sure to turn off stoves properly before stepping out of your home. Also, check for gas leaks around fireplaces and heaters. In addition, make sure the air passage from the chimney is clear; a blocked chimney can contain gas indoors and cause fire hazards.

4.       Keep a Look Out for Hazard Signs

Keep a check on all your gas appliances. If you see any condensation in the room, or dark patches around a gas appliance, may be its time to have it checked. If you see dull yellow flames when you turn on your stove, and see low gas pressure; it’s a sign of possible gas leakage. Be cautious of these signs and get in touch with a gas safety professional instantly.

Be Safe Rather than Sorry

Even though the above DIY tips come in handy, and are essential to know to ensure your home is safe, sometimes you can’t prevent hazards on your own. It’s better not to DIY gas related problems, such as fixing a gas leak, etc; leave it to the pros because they know best.

Many plumbing solutions providers offer expert plumbers who can fix your plumbing problems be it a gas leak or a hot water pipe burst. Get in touch with a professional gas plumber in Melbourne who knows his or her job well and is able to identify the problem and solve it in time for you. Many plumbing solution companies in Melbourne provide best quality gas plumbing services round the clock; because a gas leak doesn’t occur in day time, afternoon, or office hours – it can happen at any time of the day and it’s not a good idea to delay getting it fixed.  Qualified gas plumbers in Melbourne (or your home town) can help prevent gas hazards and make your home a safe haven.

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Alan Alaxandar is a writer having an experience in writing for small businesses currently he is writing for Doherty Plumbing Solutions who are professional plumbers in Melbourne, VIC. Find Alan on Twitter, Facebook, and on Google+