Small business owners are always considering the safety of their employees and customers. Some owners forget to take into account safety when business is done for the day. This can lead to dangerous accidents, crime, and lawsuits that can ruin a company. While every business is different in nearly infinite amount of ways, there are tips and resources that can be tailoring to keep an operation running smoothly without injury or breaches of security.

Security Alarm Systems

Advanced technology has produced excellent business security alarms at prices that have never been cheaper. Wireless systems now have options to allow you to monitor your business from your smartphone so there is no reason a business should be without a security system that offers these benefits:

  • The ability to remotely stream security camera footage to a mobile device or computer.
  • Alerts that detect fire, floods, gas leaks, or unusual temperature changes.
  • The ability to access information when doors are accessed, and who accesses them.

These affordable options will keep your business safe from potentially violent intruders or dangerous situations that could harm your employees or customers. An added benefit of having security cameras is the ability to have an eye witness if lawsuits ever come about that you believe may be frivolous or unwarranted. Good security could be your first step in ensuring that your business stays open and danger free.

Protect Life and Property

A security system does not ensure safety in itself. The physical property that your business resides on could present hazards when no one is around to enforce safety standards. OSHA’s small business handbook is a great place to start helping you determine if you are leaving a safe environment when everyone leaves for the day. Having said that, just because it complies with OSHA standards, it doesn’t mean all dangers are eliminated. Here are some basic questions that may apply to your business.

  • Is it secure? If there is an outside area with machinery or other dangerous materials, then it should be properly protected by fences, locked gates, hazard warnings, etc. Do everything in your power to keep out those who would present a danger to your property or themselves.
  • Light it up. Make sure the space surrounding your business is well lit. This will discourage intruders as well as making any hazards easily distinguishable. Lighting indoors afterhours is also a good deterrent while making it safer for those locking up late or opening up early.
  • Know your Police. Know who patrols the area your business is located. Employees, and anyone authorized to be in your business after hours, should try to be on familiar terms with your officer.

Data Security

Technology can be used to ensure the safety of our business and those it. Often overlooked are the dangers that can occur when data security is compromised. Employee personal information could be stolen and used for nefarious purposes. While the physical safety of persons is not necessarily at risk, data breaches can have very real physical effects.

  • Always make sure that passwords and firewalls are utilized. Any step that you can take to make it more difficult for information to be had is better. Hackers are usually looking for the easy win so make it not worth their time. Additionally it’s a good idea to give all your employees their own username/password.
  • Make a computer accessible only to you. Do not connect this computer to any networks and use it solely for employee and business information. Information that you need to share can always be saved on a thumb drive and uploaded elsewhere.
  • Take steps to secure information before it’s too late. Data theft is a silent crime that is often undetectable until it’s too late. Preventative measures are the only way to be sure you are protected.

Safe Business Thrives

A safe business is a business that can be confident. When safety is assured you can turn all your resources to ensuring that your business survives to benefit you, your employees, and your customers without worrying it could be taken from you at any moment. Enact these steps, and strive toward a safe and productive workplace.

Our thanks to Zachary Trupp for this advice that all business owners should consider, if they haven’t already done so. pb