As we begin the year 2014, think about the many plans that are on your list.  First, we make those New Year’s Resolutions.  That usually last maybe two weeks, (especially the one about losing weight!)    We all have much to look forward to in the coming year.  And we need to focus on the positive, living a good life, and not worrying about things that are out of our control.  

Today is a good day to talk about safety.  Safety should be the first item on everyone’s agenda.  From the time you get up in the morning, preparing for the day, make up your mind that this day will be a safer driving day.  When you leave for work , depart a little earlier than usual so you won’t be stressed getting to work on time.  That’s the safe way.  Drive as though your life depends on your control of your vehicle – because it does.  Don’t talk on your cell-phone and definitely do not text!  Those messages can wait. 

Don’t take unnecesssary chances.  Is there anyone out there that can honestly say they haven’t pulled their vehicle into another lane and almost caused an accident?  Or ran through the yellow light, rather than waiting for the green?  What if someone else going the other way does the same thing?  You may not reach your destination at all.

Once you arrive at work, get started.  There’s no need to visit about what just happened, because you are now on someone else’s time.  If the job you perform is hazardous, use the appropriate safety gear that your company has furnished you.  It won’t be their fault if something flies into your eye because you didn’t wear your safety glasses.  You know what you are expected to do, so keep safe while you do it. 

Businesses should have an agenda to keep their employees safe at all times.  Each New Year is an ideal opportunity to assess the company’s safety plan, and convey it to all employees.  Plan training on a regular basis; things change and we all get in the habit of doing things a certain way, when there may be a new, easier, faster, and safer way.  Safety leaders could make this year’s resolution to include their employees in the design of their safety program; let them know how important their cooperation is to the company and their co-workers. 

Safety posters play a large part in encouraging employees to work safely.  They may be humorous or serious, either way, they convey a very important message.  

The employees of Texas America Safety Company and Blog4Safety wish each one of you a very safe, healthy, and successful New Year.  It is our hope that newfound peace will be attained in parts of the world that are in strife.  The most important wish of all is that our troops can return home safely.  Their duties require them to perform their job all the while staying safe!