We all need to get jobs; that’s a reality we all face. And all jobs, no matter how mundane they may seem, carry with them a certain level of danger. Of course, these levels of danger vary from to another. Let’s say you make a living wrestling and catching wild bears, then there aren’t really many effective safety precautions you can take aside from not catching and wrestling those bears. Working in a typical job, like an office or so, still can be dangerous, and here are some of the dangerous “normal” jobs out there and the safety precautions you can take to avoid accidents. 

Construction and Related Fields 

        If you work in construction or some other job that requires you to be physically present in a construction site, the first step to staying safe is recognizing that the construction site is inherently a dangerous place. With all the dangerous materials, heavy equipment, and the work going around, the chances of an accident happening is extremely high, no matter the amount or quality of supervision. The common safety precaution for being in a construction site is to always wear a hard hat, as the primary risk is having something heavy land on your head. A hard hat is your friend. Keep it on your head at all times. 

Jobs Involving Chemicals and Toxic Materials 

        Working with chemicals tends to be dangerous for your general health. There have been a lot of cases wherein people suffered burns, inhaled harmful substances, and other complications that came about due to exposure to these materials. When you work in an environment where hazardous chemicals and materials abound, the common safety precaution is to wear protective gear like goggles (in case of splash back), gloves, aprons, boots, and masks all made with protective materials like rubber or latex. In more extreme cases, hazmat suits are a popular choice. 

Work Involving Animals and Fieldwork 

        Being amidst the natural elements has provided the world with officially the most dangerous jobs ever. Fishing, farming, ranching, and logging are considered to be jobs that have seen the most accidents. These accidents are hard to avoid, as most of them come from unpredictable elements like animal attacks. While there are a number of equipment that can be used to lessen work-related injuries in line with these trades, the number of these injuries can be reduced mostly by workers themselves. Working in pairs, taking extra care of themselves on and off the field (maintaining one’s self in tip top shape and getting enough rest does make one more focused and alert), along with other precautions, would be helpful. 

        At the end of the day, working is hard and dangerous as much as it is personally and financially rewarding. Whether you’re a nine to fiver working in an office, or out in the open ocean fishing, one small accident can alter your life forever. The best courses of action are watching out for yourself, getting yourself covered with a personal accident insurance plan, and hoping for the best. 

Author’s Bio

Ryan Del Villar is a writer and online marketing specialist at Money Max, Philippines’ leading online comparison portal. Ryan is also a freelance writer at Helm Word, an Online Reputation Management company. He worked as an online video editor before he started his writing career.