Getting the Most Our Of Your Commercial Outdoor Security Lighting – The Mighty Electricians Guest Blog Post

If your small business has been broken into in the past, you will understand how angry such a scenario can make you feel, as well as how victimized, exploited and upset the encounter leaves you. If you have ever experienced a burglary – whether at work or in your own home – you may recognize the deep-seated feelings of sadness and frustration that go with such an encounter, combined with a sense of vulnerability, of being taken advantage of. Those who have been affected by a burglary will wonder “will this happen again?” or may blame themselves for the fact that thieves have targeted their business. Therefore, it is wise to have your company covered with a modern security lighting setup, in case burglars decide to strike. 

State-of-the-art security lighting systems are suitable for both residential and business properties. Many people question how to keep their premises secure, as well as how to get the most out of the security lighting they have fitted to conquer the “dead lighting spots”. Luckily, there are a handful of security light options that will help you decrease the chances of a breaking and entering crime occurring. To begin with, all lighting should be mounted high enough that it is out of reach of vandals. To foil attempts by ne’er-do-wells who want to smash your lighting fixtures, your lights should also be protected by wire mesh as well. 

One of the most crucial things to bear in mind is to keep the entire grounds comprehensively illuminated, as this will help prevent a potential break-in by dissuading criminals from trying to venture onto your property. Shining spotlights will discourage those who are perhaps targeting your site, and some well-placed landscape lighting will make it difficult for criminals to hide within the grounds to reconnoiter the place. 

Flood lights that shed large amounts of light over an expanse of land can be a hugely effective deterrent. However, they must be  positioned well enough that they do not inadvertently cast deep, harsh shadows that will actually attract those looking to rob you. For example, a typical side-effect of bright flood lights is that they cast dark shadows behind nearby trees, and these are obviously ideal areas for trespassers to try to conceal themselves. Furthermore, although the basic purpose of flood lights is to emit great swathes of light, if they are placed in problematic areas, excessive illumination will actually become counterproductive due to the strong dazzling effect emanating from them. Ironically, this not only makes it more difficult for anyone to tell if interlopers are in close proximity, but they also create the possibility for injuries due to people being unintentionally blinded so that they trip and fall. 

Keeping your entry and exit points well-lit after hours can provide the pretense of night security being present onsite during off-peak hours, even if this is not really the case. Consequently, multiple lights controlled by dawn-to-dusk timer switches are a great investment, although they need to be well-shielded from any neighbor’s property and positioned in such a way that they are effective for deterring unwanted guests. Point 150 watts lamps downward towards your property (and not into the sky like the Bat-Signal!), since lights with too much power create unwanted glare. Essentially, many medium powered bulbs are preferable to a smaller amount of high powered lamps. 

Have motion sensor lighting set up around problem areas of the building, as this will let you know when there is movement outside, especially in the fall and winter months when it gets darker much earlier. One of the advantages of motion sensors is that they will activate lights all of a sudden, which will startle anyone who is not supposed to be onsite. For lighting under windows, always pick a low wattage bulb. This will allow you to see all movements from inside your office if you are working late hours. Adding lights along outside walkways is also a great deterrent for would-be muggers preying on anyone walking to their cars after the workday ends. 

Any combined arrangement of these different lighting types will assist in frightening off intruders. As a final point, it is vital to protect the wiring of your security lighting, so that tampering is not possible. As such, bury the wiring underground wherever possible so that it is out of reach of interference. It is also prudent to have multiple circuits installed, so that if a circuit trips out you still have other live circuits on hand, instead of the entire lighting system going offline and burglars find a way to take advantage of the darkness. 

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