The importance of having a medical insurance is apparent to most employees who consider this as a factor in determining which company to work for. However, some occupations offer greater risks than regular jobs that require employees to report to the office at 9am to 6pm.

These occupations include active duty military personnel, skydiving instructors, fishermen, offshore oil workers, flight instructors, civilian contractors in dangerous areas, firefighters, construction workers, police officers, pilots, and scaffold workers. Because these occupations are considered “high-risk occupations,” or occupations that carry higher risk in terms of death, disease, injury or disability occurrences, it could be difficult to get insurance for these positions, and insurance companies will usually charge higher premiums for these jobs as opposed to jobs that have less risks involved.

Although most insurance companies do not offer policies for high risk occupations, there are still some insurance companies that specialize in giving these occupations coverage. Here are some high risks occupations that some insurance companies provide special coverage for:

1.     Journalists

–          Some insurance companies provide international life and accident insurance with an international coverage for reporters, TV crew and production team who are stationed at remote areas, war zones and politically unstable locations that might be far away from areas that offer sufficient medical assistance. Journalists also get medical cost benefits for treatment, evacuation and repatriation if ever they should go through an accident, illness or a terrorist attack. Another insurance that journalists may avail of is the kidnap and ransom insurance for reimbursing ransom payments if this ever happens. Finally, a high risk travel insurance can protect journalists from accidents and can ensure that they get proper medical care when they’re travelling. The travel insurance can also ensure that possessions and flights of the insured are covered.

2.      Oil and Gas Employees

–          Similarly, suppliers, contractors and employees of oil and gas companies can benefit from international life and accident insurance, which can provide protection for death and give financial help for injured or permanently disabled employees. Oil and gas employees may also get the international disability insurance, which can provide income to the insured if they are temporarily disabled, or provide a lump sum for those who are permanently disabled. Meanwhile, the international medical insurance is also helpful in providing oil and gas employees or contractors with medical assistance near R&R stopovers and rigs. Since the oil and gas industry is prone to claims from the public for environmental accidents, it is also advisable to get the international liability insurance to protect companies from claims.

3.     Overseas Contract Workers

–          Employees who work overseas at remote locations where insurance is not valid should avail of the personal accident insurance, which can give them protection from death, dismemberment, and disability. As employees who work at high risk regions, overseas workers should also get international travel insurance to get coverage for areas where terrorism or political strife is prevalent. Another insurance plan ideal for overseas workers is the international medical insurance which may be used to cover medical costs of treatment, evacuation and repatriation brought about by either illness, accidents or terrorist attacks. It is also advisable to get a worker compensation scheme for local and expat workers.

4.      Security

–          Private security employees who are working in the Middle East and other areas where there are high risks of terrorism should get an international life and accident insurance able to provide coverage for death or give compensation to employees that are injured or permanently disabled while working overseas. It is also a must to get international medical insurance to get medical care right where the security employee is working overseas or at home where the risk is just as high. Another essential insurance coverage is the defense base act insurance, which can help out employees if their security company provides services to the US government.

5.     Logistics

–          For those involved in logistics work in areas that have wars, political strife, or possible terrorism, the primary concern is getting an international life and personal accident insurance that can cover disability as well as death protection for drivers, staff, and other members of the crew in transit. Just as importantly, medical expenses coverage should also be a must to get through accidents, illnesses or terrorist activities. It is also ideal to get a kidnap and ransom insurance for when logistics employees transport sensitive products and items.

After learning about the possible insurance options available for those who have high risk occupations, you are now ready to find the right insurance companies that offer these packages. Note that these specialized, high-risk occupation insurance policies could be more costly than regular insurance policies. To minimize costs for high-risk occupation medical insurance policies, try looking at group insurance policies.


Author Bio:  Article Written by Cristina Beltran – a blogger & writer at Compare Hero, Malaysia’s leading comparison website. This portal helps individuals in making the best decision by comparing rates from different finance and insurance providers.