Although the first day of Spring is not until March 20th, and most will agree,there have been few signs of Spring so far.  However, for those in the timezone that is affected by the time change, it is a good idea to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.  That way you won’t be late to church, or other plans you may have for that day.

Folks either love or hate Daylight Saving Time.  It gives those who enjoy golf and other sports more light in the evening.  Sunrise will be later, so for those driving to work or school, be extra careful to watch for youngsters on their bikes or walking to school.

This is a good time to check your batteries in your smoke detectors to ensure they are working correctly.  It’s also an opportunity to start preparing for warmer weather (we hope), and shop for any personal protective equipment you may need.  If you are a gardener or yard worker, be sure you have some good gloves, eye protection, and dust masks for mowing.  Other industrial businesses need to check their list for products that keep their workers more comfortable and stock up on supplies before it does get warm.

The folks at Texas America Safety Company and Blog4Safety hope that Spring arrives on time, as it has been such an extremely cold winter for most of the U.S.  Remember, too, that when you make a purchase and mention our Blog, you will receive a 5% discount.