Hard Hat Chin Straps. What is available?

Hard hats are a vital part of worker’s safety equipment on many jobs such as building construction, road work, warehouses and other employment where much manual labor is involved. In addition, those who spend much of their time in an office and venture out to job sites may also be required to wear hard hats to ensure their safety. One of the best ways to make sure hard hats stay on one’s head is to equip them with chin straps, thereby making sure they stay where they’re needed.

Hard hat chin straps are made in various shapes and styles, giving them the ability to fit most types of hard hats. The most popular style is the elastic strap with a slider size adjustment, letting them be adjusted to just the right tension to keep the hard hat in place. Most workers seem to prefer hard hat chin straps that have a contoured chin cup, making the strap more comfortable as well as more secure. The chin cup also acts as protection for the person’s chin in the event they fall or are struck in the chin, giving additional facial protection.

While not offering a chin cup, another popular style of chin strap is the Universal MSA Chin Strap. Durable and very elastic, it’s also made from a soft cotton blend that has been noted for being particularly comfortable. Attaching with a simple “S” hook, it’s one of the easiest chin straps to use with hard hats. A very popular choice with construction workers who spend their days high above the ground, testing has shown it to offer extremely reliable protection in high wind conditions. Made in the USA, the Universal MSA strap can be purchased for as little as $4.50 each.

While some workers resist wearing chin straps with their hard hats, more and more companies are requiring them to be part of their official safety equipment. Chin straps offer an added bit of safety that can sometimes mean the difference between serious injury or no injury at all, so workers are beginning to recognize the benefits of adding chin straps to their hard hats. As construction jobs become more demanding and hazardous, it’s imperative hard hat chin straps be used to reduce the number of injuries or fatalities on the job. For something that costs so little and offers such enormous protection, it’s money well spent for any company.