Office Energy Boosters for an Effective Work Day

Office Energy Boosters for an Effective Work Day   Working at the office all day can be tough when you feel the afternoon slump. You will feel sleepy and your brain will not function actively. It is the main reason why employees take coffee breaks. When you are sleepy, there is a high risk for accident. In order to keep work safety at the office, fight the afternoon slump the right way.   Move to stimulate blood circulation   Simple stretching and breathing exercises can help stimulate oxygen and blood circulation in the body. Doing it for 5 minutes per hour can make a difference in your physical and mental activity. You can even do them while working. Here are things that you can do:

  • If you have a staircase at the office, go up and down the stairs until you feel your heart pump faster.


  • Do quick and simple jumping jacks. If you are wearing high-heels take them off or change into flats to avoid injury or accident.


  • Seek relief from stress with your favorite stress ball bought from Amazon with Amazon Coupon Codes 2014. You will be strengthening your wrists and forearms in the process.

Have a snack to re-fuel body’s energy   Loss of energy is another cause for afternoon slump. So pack energy-boosting foods for the office that you can snack on to re-charge energy. Avoiding too many carbohydrates that can lead to sleepiness can also be helpful. Some snacks that you can try are:

  • Mix of dried nuts and fruits which have protein and fat that can give sustained energy because they are slow to burn.


  • Bring microwaveable popcorn to the office if you have a microwave there. Popcorn can give you lots of fiber and volume from a whole grain. Opt for low fat to avoid excess calories.
  • popcorn[1]
  • Have a drink to refresh your mind   Too much caffeinated drinks can cause hyperacidity. There are other healthier drinks that can give you a boost of energy to make you work effectively. Use your Amazon Coupon Codes 2014 when buying them online to get big savings on your purchases.
  • Take green drinks. These are the new craze in the healthy, energy-boosting drink with ingredients of sprouts, low-sugar fruits, herbs, green grasses, and green vegetables. They are being sold in capsule or powder form. Drinking green drinks can provide you with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals and reduce acidic waste in the body.



  • Prepare a concoction of bee pollen powder, ginseng, and honey. The honey and ginseng are recognized energy boosters while the bee pollen has essential fatty acids and amino acids.


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Safety Tips for the New Construction Worker | Work Safety Blog


Mark Brandon is a regular contributor to the Safe and Sound Property Inspections blog and other home improvement sites where he shares his expertise with like-minded peers. In this article, he offers some tips for the new construction worker to stay safe on the job site.

Taking on a new job involves getting up to speed on all aspects related to the work that will be done on a daily basis. Similarly, a construction worker who has just arrived at the job site will need to get his/her bearings when it comes to the ins and outs of his/her duties. Chief of these concerns is getting a full picture of the safety requirements that need to be observed on the job. Listed here are some of the most important matters that every new worker at a construction site should know.

Work Hazards

A new construction worker’s first order of business at the job site is to inquire on the work hazards that come with the job and obtain safety tips and information on how to work around these risks. Employers are required by law to inform construction staff about such hazards, which can include exposure to chemicals, noise, and radiation, working at heights, and operating high-powered equipment and heavy machinery. Also, it is within a worker’s legal rights to be provided safe working conditions. Workers should be issued protective gear and have safety measures in place on site. Some measures to control emergencies that may arise from work hazards on site include fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc.

Safety Training

Employers are also legally required to ensure that workers are skilled or have adequate training in performing their tasks safely. If a worker is not yet up to snuff, he is thus required by law to work under someone who can provide training in the needed skills. Should this direct supervisor be called away from work, the worker in training should refrain from doing the tasks entirely himself/herself. Although it is possible to avoid workplace mishaps and the job easy to do, dropping everything until a full training or certification can be obtained is all in the construction worker’s best interest and a good rule of thumb to abide by. When a person’s field of work is a busy construction site, one can never be too careful. Besides, the law requires a worker to refuse work that he/she is not fully trained or certified for.

Emergency Protocols

When power tools, heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and heights are all combined into one workplace, workers should expect to deal with emergency situations. Given this, workers should ensure that the job site is equipped with measures to help them manage such situations. Among the circumstances that workers should prepare for on the field include fires, chemical spills, and injuries. They should know where the fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are located. All workers should be briefed on what to do in such cases and must oblige their employers to provide them with the necessary protocols.

First Aid Information

When a worker is injured, they should have access to appropriate and well-equipped first-aid kits and services at the workplace. Employers are legally bound to deployan enough number of individuals trained in giving first aid on site, ready to respond to emergencies. Likewise, emergency contact information should be easily accessible in case of critical injuries. The law further requires a worker who gets injured at work to report the incident to the employer at the soonest possible time.

Safety Gear

Every construction site is strictly a hard-hat area. This means that all workers who report for work are required to put on protective gear and clothing. Protective gear include eye goggles, hard hats, face masks and respirators, and gloves. Workers should also wear safety boots, hearing protectors, reflective bibs,and, when needed, fire-resistant or hazmat suits. Since the use of safety gear is a must on the work site and an employer’s legal responsibility, employers may require workers to bring their own as a condition of employment.

Worker’s Responsibilities

Upon knowing the safety requirements of the workplace, it is now the worker’s personal and legal responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect his/her and co-workers’ health and safetywhile on the job.Such steps include cooperating with safety rules and other employer-imposed workplace policies. This also means observing common sense like not leaving working machinery unguarded, keeping pathways clear of obstructions, and moving with care around the work area.It is always a good idea to stay ahead of the pack by acquiring safety trainings and certifications.

About Mark Brandon:

I am a regular contributor to Safe and Sound Property Inspections blog and other home improvement sites. I’m very family-oriented and loves being in the shed or help my mates with their houses.

You can catch me via Google+ or Twitter: @MarkBrandon01

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How to Stay Safe at Your Office

How to Stay Safe at Your Office

Being inside your office does not mean that you are completely safe as there are factors that can bring danger to your health or your life. Preventing possible accidents or harm by following these work safety tips will be your best way of staying safe at work.

Use comfortable ergonomic chairs. Unlike hard, unyielding chairs, an ergonomic chair will reduce health problems such as wrist, back, and neck pain. The use of ergonomics is clinically-proven to make the work environment a happier and safer place. You should employ proper sitting postures to avoid health problems that can destroy your mood and affect your work.

Ergonomic chairs are sold for cheaper price with an office depot coupon code to save.

Proper Sitting Techniques

Ensure that you lift things properly. It is normal for an employee to lift things while working such as transferring portable printers from one place to another, carrying a box full of files to the table, and other stuff that you need to perform your tasks. Keep yourself safe by making sure that you lift things properly to avoid injuring your legs and back. Bend your knees and your back when you lift and know your limits when it comes to how much weight you can safely carry. Ask for assistance from a male colleague if you needed it.

Make sure that you type the proper way. To prevent carpal tunnel brought by repetitive motion all day by the hands and wrists, you should use wrist supports when lifting weights or type properly. You will know if you are doing it wrong when you feel pain in your hands or wrists when typing. Carpal tunnel is painful and expensive to cure as it will require surgery and will require you to take a long vacation leave to recover. Thus, it is very important that you practice office safety at all times.

Protect your eyes from future eye problems. Working for a long time in front of the computer can strain the eyes. Keep your eyes safe by taking breaks and look away from the monitor every 30 minutes. You can also perform eye exercises that will relieve eye discomfort or close your eyes for a few minutes to relax. If your eyes are gritty and dry, apply a few drops of an eye-moisturizing formula if you cannot force yourself to shed tears to wash away the grittiness and moisten your eyes.

Do not eat or drink in front of your computer. To reduce the risk of electrical shock or fires, eat your meals on the table away from your working area. An accidental spill from your beverage can endanger you as it could cause a short in the wire and electrocute you in the process. Ensure that there are no broken or frayed cables and all cords are plugged properly.

Messy Computer Desk

You should practice these work safety tips to protect yourself. Anytime you need some stuff that will help you stay safe at the office, just use the office depot coupon code with your purchases to cut down on expenses.

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