How to Prepare Your Business for a Severe Weather Storm

How to Prepare Your Business for a Severe Weather Storm

No matter what size company you have, you need a plan for keeping your business, employees and customers safe in all types of weather, from thunderstorms to tornadoes and more. If you have a supply chain, keeping it moving is another severe weather concern.

Weather Safety Tips

Earth Networks offers solutions for all your weather planning needs. Here are some weather safety tips for business locations to help you get started on your severe-weather plan:

  • Stay in touch: Make sure everyone gets timely text and email updates about the weather situation and business planning at affected locations. Consider how and when to let clients know your situation as well.
  • Stock up on essentials: Storms can hit while you’re at work and it may be safer to stay there than make your way home in blizzard conditions. Your office should have water, first-aid kits, flashlights, food and batteries, as well as a radio.
  • Save data externally: Save files to an external server or cloud storage. If your office is shut down, you can still access client need business documents.
  • Invest in a generator: You may lose power at your site. A generator can keep your business moving and help employees remain calm vs. stumbling around in a dark office.

Putting Plans Into Action

evere weather events can happen anywhere, at any time. Earth Networks can help you decide when to put emergency plans into action. Real-time data using our severe weather radar and meteorological forecasting services can help you make plans for staffing, business hours and customer orders ahead of time so you’ll know what to do when the storm hits.

Our severe weather tracker gives you current conditions, with detailed maps to share with staff wherever they are. This allows you to consult colleagues at various sites to make business operation decisions ahead of time and keep your supply chain operating even during a storm.

We can help keep your business functioning in severe weather. Contact Earth Networks by phone at 301-250-4000 or via our website.

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