Basic rules and measures, which provide for safety at the construction site

Safety at the construction site and its role in the modern construction industry

To date, any modern construction site, regardless of the scale of a project, is always a place of a great danger for both passersby and workers. On such constructions site, you can see various mechanisms and equipment that have been put into operation, systems and units, as well as many other devices that require strict adherence to safety rules by the workers and all other people that even walk near them. Therefore, the tasks of a specialist who deals with safety measures at the construction site include the proper organization of the construction process, including the provision of safe working conditions that can prevent industrial injuries, as well as any other accident that might happen on the constructions site. In order to keep all the stuff save, such people plan and schedule briefings, training and systematic inspections at the facilities to make sure that all the safety measures are met.

If the correct labor organization at construction sites is necessary, safety rules and measures must necessarily provide for the elaboration of one of the most important documents that can provide trouble-free work at the construction sites. It necessarily takes into account all activities related to safety engineering, pointing to the means of mechanization, which allow providing heavy and labor-consuming work at a construction site, for example, like the horizontal and vertical transportation of construction materials. Also, this document describes all the types of building materials used, the possibility of their placement at a construction site.

Major safety rules and measures to meet at a construction site

To date, safety engineering at the construction site provides the following safety engineering events:

  1. Organization of the construction process and production of planned capacity of a product;
  2. Correct organization of warehousing of building materials, components, and parts;
  3. Arrangement of the construction site and convenient walkways for workers;
  4. Provision of light facilities on the territory of a construction site in order to inform workers and other stuff about emergency situations and other events;
  5. Professional technical supervision of the condition of the equipment and machines in use including cranes, transport facilities etc.;
  6. Training of all the stuff including working and maintenance personnel;
  7. Obligatory fencing of all the territory of a construction site includes the area where cranes operate;
  8. Constant and qualitative control over the serviceability of the mechanisms used and all the tools and equipment connected with the cranes;
  9. Strict observance of the operating rules of the crane in accordance with the instruction containing the rules for the installation and operation of the lifting device;
  10. Utilization of the alarm system only in accordance with the regulations and rules in force;
  11. Measures aimed at the electrical safety of maintenance personnel.

As a rule, all these events and measures are provided by the director or engineers in charge and they bear all the responsibility for the safety of all the stuff and maintenance personnel.

What are additional measures carried out to provide safety at the construction site?

In most cases, safety at the construction site provides a number of measures that are additional conditions for the safe operation of employees of the organization or a factory in addition to obligatory ones. These measures should also provide safety both for personnel and for all the people that can possibly be around the construction site or those who are forced to stay on the territory of a factory. In order to attain this goal, a construction site should be well-fenced in order to prevent any intruders on the territory of a site.

In addition, in the case of buildings under construction that are located along streets, motor roads or pedestrian public access routes should be equipped with fences. If there is a possible danger from the falling objects, these fences should also be equipped with protective peaks to prevent any accident.

In addition, the maintenance of workers must necessarily provide the construction of sanitary facilities at construction sites, which located in such a way to minimize the way workers should pass to reach sanitary facility and back. Such rooms include dressing rooms, dining rooms, showers, restrooms, etc. The number of such rooms, their space, and the intention must be indicated in a special document.

The main thing you need to remember being at the construction side both as a visitor and a worker, be attentive. Anything can happen in the course of the work and nobody is able to predict the horrible consequences that can cause falling projectiles or unfenced site. Follow all the ordered of the guide if you are a visitor and always refresh rules and requirements for all the workers in your mind if you actually work at the constructions site since consequences can be devastating.

About the author: The author’s name is Melisa Marzett is she is the one who cares about the safety at the constructions site because people’s carelessness can lead to even lethal consequences. Those who noticed her writing skills appeared to be right since she is a freelance writer working on writing papers like this one. However, her hobby is to do a research and find peculiar information that might be useful for almost any our reader.

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