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Work safety and sound precautions against health hazards is indeed a major aspect of all kinds of businesses, big or small. It is necessary that employers provide all kinds of safety dress, equipment and head/body gear in order not only to ensure avoidance of work related accidents but also ensure maximum safety, security and hazard free working environment for employees at all levels of work.

The equipment that may be needed are helmets and hardhats, ear plugs,  goggles and eye care, body wear, gloves and hand wear, safety belts, care of limbs and both lower and upper extremity, stockings and boots, and so on. It is the right and privilege of each and every worker to gain protection from any kind of accident and mishaps and it is obligatory for employers to provide it to them. 

Thus employees need to be provided a safe and hazard free work place, devoid of any kind of occupation or work related risks. However, despite best efforts, accidents do occur, and some of them may be lethal and dangerous, not only involving loss of limb but also that of life itself.  Each and every work site must have medical and First Aid personnel and supplies commiserating with type, extent and degree of potential harm. Medical first aid services are addressed in specific standards for general industry, employment, terminals and construction industry. All businesses must have at least one first aid kit in office room and at construction area sites.  The presence of an Automated External Defibrillator could indeed be life saving in event of heart attacks, as well as the need for first aid kit, bloodborne pathogen kit, with gown etc, CPR pack, disposable towels, plastic use and throw gloves, facial masks for mouth, eye shield and one way face shield.
Most safety minded and hazard avoiding companies would need to use a regular first aid kit that would have basic first aid treatment aids like splints, gauze, antiseptics, bandages, alcohol pads and also aspirin, burn cream or burn spray containers, eye wash kit, plastic gloves, compress for head and swollen injuries and also other needed first aid supplies.  Each work environment has different safety and hazard intervention needs and requirements due to diverse kinds of injury potential and possibilities.
However, if the injury requires more treatment than just first aid, it is important that hospital numbers are called; meanwhile, first aid is administered as it should be done. It is necessary to research the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website for gaining best data on accidents and how these could be prevented.
The main idea behind OSHA is to offer safe and healthy working environment for working men and women by approving enforcement of required standards developed under the OSHA and by assisting and encouraging states in their endeavors to offer safe, reliable and healthy working environment by allowing research, data, education and training in the domain of occupational safety and health and for other purposes too. All field employees need these work safety even the essay writing factory workers.
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